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reset computer ??

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March 14th, 2015, 12:40 PM   #1  
reset computer ??

I had my 06 Colorado stored for 4 months and had a bad battery when I returned, after recharging battery my drivers side window does not work and also the keyless door lock does not work, anybody help with this problem ? have heard there is a way to reset computer ??
Any help appreciated

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March 10th, 2016, 5:35 PM   #2  
Class action law?

Anyone else interested? I am sick and tired of having to drive 50-800 miles just to reset their damn computer program for reading smog sensors!
I can not even count how many salesmen I have had out driving cars that had a dead battery on the lot at some point in time, that was then sold. When it went in for the NYS inspection to deliver the car it would fail. The ONLY cure for it is to take up our valuable floor time, or that of another worker, or my own, to drive off these ridiculous codes! Many times losing the sale because we were unable to deliver the vehicle when promised.
I have done it for YEARS and I am tired of wasting MY gas, MY time, and losing MY sales and INCOME because car makers can not make a simple RESET switch that a Inspector can just trip when they KNOW the sensors are good!
If WE didn't know better, WE would think it was something the inspection stations were doing just to keep charging for reinspections! AND NYS so they can keep writing tickets for you while you drive around with NO INSPECTION STICKER on the windshield! Because the rejection sticker either expired, or was scrapped off when you went in for a inspection when it had expired. They scrape it off first thing then!
And not just for tickets, gas, lost time, unnecessary MILAGE, and lost income. We will also sue for the pain and suffering of knowing you are breaking the law every time you try to get your OWN vehicle to pass too! My truck battery died with 16,087 miles on it. The sticker had expired because I didn't drive it enough to notice it. I take it in, and NO, it won't pass! It is like a NEW truck! But the warrant has expired, so I am FORCED to break the law to try to do the legal thing!! This MUST CHANGE!!
Anyone wishing to get on the list for a class action suit just drop me your contact info at gary heaton at hot mail dot com. No caps or spaces. When we have enough people we will proceed.
Thank you!

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October 19th, 2016, 5:04 PM   #3  
go online and get a Bluetooth OBD reader about $15. the Torque app is free or you can by one less that $5.00. I have one in each vehicle. A word of advice don't get the tiny ones, I had two and if left in would cause problems, as for a reset button yes it should be standard. Installing alarms that do little more than generate trips to a repair shop is unethical.

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