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stupid and dangerous

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November 15th, 2016, 1:34 PM   #1  
stupid and dangerous

that TPMS light was driving me nutz, on my 2010 colorado, on warm days it is fine but cool mornings it's on. I saw some youtube videos of guys buying new sensors then putting them in an abs tube and pressuring the tube to shut the light off. Ah I tried it, first I used it with a screw on cap but it just leaked, so I used two end caps and had the valve sealed in the hole I drilled to pressurize the container. I let it sit overnight so the abs cement would be good and cured, and thinking of safety I put a C clamp on the container just incase the pipe cement didn't hold.
I parked the truck next to my small compressor , set the parking brake and turned the light switch 4 times then the horn sounded.I sat on the floor with the container between my thighs and added some air, the horn didn't sound so I added a little more, again no horn, so as I added a bit more the container exploded. In an hour or two my right nut lowered back into position , my knuckles just have a few blood blisters , but I think I will be walking like a cowboy for a few days. The lesson don't let the light drive you crazy,sure it is quicker than a vasectomy but at 70 , I don't really worry about sex.

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November 16th, 2016, 9:10 AM   #2  
even it had held, it wouldn't have worked. the sensors need to see rotational movement to wake up and transmit a signal. the sensors sleep when the wheels stop turning. if they were on all the time, the internal sensor battery would be dead pretty quick.

the tire pressures need to be set 2 psi over the placard setting. if set to the placard setting...on cold days the pressure drops and sets off the tpm....when it warms up, the pressure increases and the tpm shuts the light off.

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