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Speedo and Tach haywire!!! 2004 Impala

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January 31st, 2007, 12:16 PM   #1  
Speedo and Tach haywire!!! 2004 Impala

o.k. how to explain....after driving for 45 min to an hour, my tach and speedo loose track of what is going on. They do not respond properly and give false readings. The tack will keep climbing pasttop rangealmost all the way back to zero like it forgets where home is. The speedo will either lock into a random location or steadily read less and less in proportion to the actual speed. At one point it was reading 5 mph when I know I was going at least 45 mph. Normally, shutting the car down for a period of tim will reset both guages. Today, cruising down the freeway, I was traveling along at approx. 77 mph when I came upon a state patrol. I backed the speed down, but the tach and the speedo stayed in that position. They didn't even move when I came to a complete stop. I've found that I can get them back to "home" position (after sitting for a half hour or so) by turning the ignition on and off about 20 times without firing the engine. Each time I turn the key, the guages drop a little toward "home".

Also, all other guages work properly. No check engine light or performance problems.


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RE: Speedo and Tach haywire!!! 2004 Impala

I just bought my 2004 and im having the sameproblems. I'll be sitting still and it reads i'm going 120 or faster. I dont have a tach so i dont know what you mean by that either. I could use some imput too. If you find anything out let me know and if I find out anything I'll let you know.

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RE: Speedo and Tach haywire!!! 2004 Impala


I was having a smilar problem. I have a 2004, I was driving back to New Jersey from Florida in October. In North Carolina I am doing about 70 and happened to look down and say my speedometer needle was at 25...So I played with the gas, slowing down speeding up, and it kept going down.

Next morning, started up hit the highway, worked fine. About 20 mintues later I lost the speedometer again. Rest of the ride was long. I couldn't take it to the shop yet, had no money. So the past few months it would work about 5 mintues at the beginning of the day.

The other day I was pulling out of the drive way and it said I was doing 110!!!

Put it in the shop finally today. They said the instrument cluster needed to be replaced. I have no choice I had to get it done, and I dont want to mess with electronics on my own. Costing $480!!!

I had the car almsot 3 years, and besides from replacing the breaks this is the most major headache with it. Other than that this is the best car I have ever owned!


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Solution for the speedometer failiure

I had the same problem in my 2003 Chevrolet impalaI found a website where I had my speedometer fixed for $95, They rebuild the entire cluster for $150. here is the address in case you wana check it out: http://www.speedometergaugerepair.com

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BCM could be a problem. I know someone else that can fix it at welll.

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