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Power Window

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August 13th, 2010, 9:15 PM   #1  
Power Window

I have 2002 Malibu, problem is that the passenger rear power window is not working properly. It went up one day and now won't go down.
Here's what I have checked and done.
Removed door interior panel, checked plug to motor, checked voltage, 12vdc on each wire blue (up) & brown (down) or vis versa, check switch for proper operation OK (took drivers switch out and plugged in passenger side switch)
The window is in the up position when I hit the DOWN button nothing happens, but if I hit the UP button, I can hear something click in the motor.
So I thought the motor was toast went out and bought a remanufactured one from parts store and installed that, SAME thing. So I took the old motor not installed in the door and plugged in the wire connector motor will run go up but nothing in the down position.

Any ideas I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confussed.


Grand Rapids, MI.

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April 19th, 2011, 1:25 PM   #2  
its something called a regulator or somehting... think of it as a crank shaft from the motor to the window itself. I had the same problem on my 03 it cost about 300$ to fix the damn thing. Mine went about half way up and stayed there. If its up and if you really dont wanna spend that money I would say dont worry about it but any mechanic will be able to fix it!

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April 19th, 2011, 5:26 PM   #3  
Sounds to me that you have a contact issue with the switch or something. I had an issue with the mirror control switch. The mirror would move left and right, but would not move up and down. I removed the panel and pulled the switch out of it. I then took the switch apart and then cleaned and inspected all the contacts for corrosion, dirt, grime, etc. I use alcohol and Q-tips to clean this kind of stuff with. I will use as many as needed until they are clean after they are wiped across the contact surfaces. After I put it back together it worked fine and still does to this day.

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