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Question about wiring harnesses (specifically reverse cam harness)

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Question about wiring harnesses (specifically reverse cam harness)

First off I am new to the forum as of today and wanted to say hi. I apologize sincerely if this is posted in the wrong place or if it has already been discussed. I have looked and didn't see a similar topic. Anywho, to the point...

I just purchased a 2016 malibu 1lt and it does not have a reverse cam. I would like to have one installed and would like for it to come through my touch screen. I recently installed one on my 03 monte carlo where the image comes through the rear view mirror. That's fine for that car as it does not have a touch screen. But for my malibu I would like it to look factory. I think it would look silly to have anything besides my touch screen display the image.

I went to a few custom shops near me and they said it could be done but were quoting me ridiculous prices! I'm talking above a grand. Said I needed the gm oem harness and other things. So of course I started googling and ran across a different forum where a guy said he was poking around in his trunk by his spare tire and just happened to find a harness. So his car didn't come from the factory with one installed but apparently it was prewired for the it. I did my own poking and found a harness coming out of the body by my spare tires and it is labeled "bay 58". It goes into the bumper then splits two way. One to the left tail light assembly and the other toward the license plate. I was thinking that maybe it powered my license plate light but why would it also split to the tail light assembly?

Didn't do too much poking around to see if it went to the reverse light or not but it does go in that area. Does anyone know if the harness coming through the rubber grommet labeled "bay 58" if for a reverse cam? Also, I did some more poking around and found out that my car is prewired for fog lights even though it has none.

I have my fingers crossed that it is indeed a harness for the reverse cam as I would like to have it. I don't want to shell out 1k just for a camera and some wires and I don't want to rip that mylink out and replace it with an aftermarket head unit. It baffles me that they wouldn't include a cam on the car. I thought they were standard for any car post 2012 at least. O well, please help!

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