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No chevette remake ?

Old September 29th, 2009, 2:10 PM
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Default No chevette remake ?

hum... no chevette remake from GM ?

ROFL and they ask why they are so close to disappear...

chevette = best seller from 1979 to 1987
chevette = UNBEATABLE , no end
chevette = nicer compact car ever
chevette = most solid monocoque car ever made
chevette = over 600 000km EASY

so GM + new chevette = will be best seller over all car make?...

as long as the don't ruin all the nice model like they want to do with the 2011 chevelle , like they did with impala/malibu , like they did with all remake.

they should do :

still RWD ( rear traction )

still hatchback

4 cyl and v6 option

and most important thing , not look like a UFO coming from mars ( like versa , accent hatchback , and other ) .

if they do it correctly , it will be for sure the next best seller , because chevette are officialy the 4nd ( or 5 i dont remember ) most searched car in usa and canada ( and uk i think , not sure ) .

anyway we all know GM been so stupid most of time... they stopped making safari/astro saying they dont sell enought ROFL what a joke look in the street how much they sold....

from the biggest chevette lover , Jimmy
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Old September 29th, 2009, 4:47 PM
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Technology brings change Jimmy, some good and some bad. I don't see that happening, even VW changed the beetle when they brought it back.
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Old September 29th, 2009, 6:40 PM
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The problem being is that the Chevette nameplate has been made controversial.
Many people love the Chevette being a cheap reliable mode of transportation with supurb fuel mileage.

Many people find the Chevette was a pile of junk that should be in a junkyard, because they rotted out in the floors and they were cheap.

I think that If GM had only taken the time with the poor little economy car, and actually made it better each year, fixed the roting problem, marketed it better, along with more accesory avalibility, gave it a little more power, and actually treated Chevette owners a little better (instead of shunning them for the more favorible gas guzzler customers) The Chevette could have been a cult car that would have sold unbelieveibly. (It could have been the next VW)

I would LOVE to see a new Rear Wheel Drive subcompact on the market, but the probibility of that is slim to none being that it is way cheaper to assemble and easier to market a Front Wheel Drive car. Besides the would probibly use the front subframe of another car like the way they did the Citation-Pheonix-Omega-Cavalier-Fiero-Celebrity-Perisianne X-Body idea....

As for it looking like that UFO thingy.....I HOPE NOT!!!!!!! I saw an idiot try to do a burnout in one of those things and he ended up stalling it....... AND it was an automatic.... Those accents are cheap pieces of crap that i would never drive....There really useless cars if you ask me (feels like your riding in a round shaped cardborad box)

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Old September 29th, 2009, 8:44 PM
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for the nissan , we all know the fiability. i remember , 3 years ago , i bought a nissan sentra E 1992 1.6 twincam 16valve manual 5 speed. paid it 275$ !!! the body was full of hole ( lol ) but under the car , no 1 fu****** spot of rust very clean. engine has 547 000km. i rided it to around 650 000km. engine was still running like a new one. the seller told me to change the clutch but i was stupide i never care about it. so the clutch goes to the sky. as i was looking for a chevette , i didnt changed the clutch . i sold the car without engine 75$ to someone and the engine 450$ to a friend ( he installed a turbo pushing 7 psi and changed nothing ). today hes still running it at drag race. 700 000km and the engine just start saying " hey soon i will die but you can still run me long time " . a record ? no i don't think but its rare.
anyway its a 92 not a 2008 thats why hes still running LOL.

come back to the chevette... 1 year ago i asked GM if chevette part are easy to find. they told me yes but the car is becoming rare. so i asked to a car collector if chevette was so rare , he said YES chevette are in the top of the most searched car list since 2006.

hum.. yes chevette automatic had a hole somewhere to drink gaz like that LOL but manual one was fine.

for the horse power , yes its very very slow ( 1min 12 sec 0-100 km/h lol my brother owned 4 chevette ) . but i think thats why its impossible or so to beat a chevette engine ( 1.6L at least ).

so if they wake up and remake chevette , i hope they are not going to make it like 140 hp lol nothing to se with chevette.

chevette need to stay slow ( but capable to do 0-100 at least in 12 sec ).

if its too slow , poeple will swap the engine.

or at least an option for a v6.

2 hour ago i talked to a friend , another chevette lover. hes 100% with me for the idea of a new chevette but only if they don't ruin it.

i think the price for a good remake dont realy have big importance.

i mean if its a GOOD remake , the price can be 27 000$ , ill buy it.

chevette 86 in good condition can be selled around 3500$ EASY ( 2000$ without engine ) .

in 1994 , my brother boughe his first chevette. 175$ 2 chevette . one in pretty good condition but dead engine , the other bad condition but good engine. he changed the engine and 7 years after the chevette got killed in a accident be a stupid civic guy with only a p-flo thinking he can beat a ferrari ( like 90% of kid with civic ) . 26 years old , and 2 week crying his chevette .


enought story for now :P

let's dream about a chevette remake soon , a good one

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