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2000 S-10=PO440 Evap Malf. PLEASE HELP ME

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2000 S-10=PO440 Evap Malf. PLEASE HELP ME

Hi I havea 2000 S-10 and have been trying to get it inspected. The Check Engine Light has been on and when I got it checked it gave the DTC PO440 Evap Malfunction. So I started with what everyone has told me to try which was trying a different gas cap > I've tried 4 different gas caps so I know this isn't the problem so then I decided to run new vaccuum lines because mine were starting to dryrot a little and it was time to do it anyway but after I did this I had no leaks at all but the problem still never went away. This has been so frustrating especially because I have a 98 S-10 that got wrecked and has front end damage but I can use all parts almost off of it if I could just figure out what the problem is. I just had to get my transmission rebuilt so I am running low on cash and was hoping I could fix this myself somehow. If any of you could help me I would appreciate it more than you know. My Inspection ran out in 06 yeah I know that is stupid and I live in NC so Im bout to get hit with a 250 fine before long. Thanks for your time everyone , I really appreciate it.

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RE: 2000 S-10=PO440 Evap Malf. PLEASE HELP ME

I live in NC as well...did you see my Chevroletforum decal somewhereby chance? [/align][/align]You may want to tighten up the clamp on the fuel gooseneck and replace the vacuum lines at the fuel tank. You are losing vacuum on the fuel tank and its tripping the code. [/align]Did you ever get the code cleared?[/align]

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