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'88 S10 window problem

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July 23rd, 2007, 11:19 AM   #1  
'88 S10 window problem

I just bought a ‘88 Chevy S-10 which, as you might expect has a few problems. One that is a major pain right now is the passenger window. When I first got it the lifter was out of the tract. After fighting with it and losing some flesh I got it sort of working. The problem is when I try to roll the window down it tilts forward and jams. There is a hole in the rear edge of the window near the top as though there should be a roller or something to ride in the window track.

Am I missing something here? As in a missing part or not seeing something that needs to be done.

BTW, the heater blower doesn’t work, it needs a new heater core, the AC isn’t working and the hood is damaged from a deer hit so you can expect a few more questions from me.

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September 3rd, 2007, 1:07 AM   #2  
RE: '88 S10 window problem

There should be a small nylon folding clip (folds like a book) that should be through the hole you mention. There are two of these-- one in the rear edge of the window at the top, the second is at the bottom front edge. They eventually fall part with age. If you don't replace both of them, the window will still fall off it's track. You can get aftermarket replacements at the auto parts store (I got mine at O'Reilly's, the brand was HELP). Putting both of them in will require removing the interior door panel. Not too hard-- easier if you buy a special pry tool for removing the hidden clips on the back of the door panel. Be prepared for some frustration getting the clips on and the window back into the track-- you have to intentionally take the window out of the track, and slant it so that the rear is high, front is low, to get the clips through the holes and secured.
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RE: '88 S10 window problem

Also, the window clips work in conjunction with the window weatherstripping (WS). The clips depend on the WS to keep everything aligned. If the WS is old, cracked and broken down, then clips will slip out of the guide. Look at the WS. Replace the clips and see how the window performs.

I realize this is an old post, but hope the additional info helps someone

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