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Flushing out the sediment in the radiator and engine block

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Flushing out the sediment in the radiator and engine block

My machaninc said I need to flush out my radiatior and engine block once a month for about 3 months because there is sediment and a little rust in it. He had told me I need to remove the lower hose and let it drain out then he said we need to flush it... he said I could take it to him but he'd charge me $100 each time and I don't have that kind of money.. so does andy one know how I can do it myself? it's a 1997 Chevy s-10 Pickup 4.3 liter engine.

I had replaced the radiator 1 1/2 yrs ago so it's practialy new.

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One way of completely flushing the entire cooling system is by using a backflush kit, unfortunately the great people in the EPA would be breathing down your neck. Leaving that out the only way to really flush out the cooling system is to remove your thermostat and pull your lower hose drain your radiator reattach hose refill with water run motor for a few minutes(not up to operating temp. just 3-5mins. enough to circulate the coolant/water mixture inside)and repeat a few times until you get completely clear water when draining. Replace Thermostat, Drain radiator one last time and refill with coolant(there should be enough water in the water jackets in the motor to blend a 50/50 mixture once restarted). Remember to drain your coolant into a bucket and not onto the ground(I'm sorry if I come across like an A** but I had a guy come back blaming me for a fine he got for draining coolant into the street)

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