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non-mechanic with a problem

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non-mechanic with a problem

I am having problems with a 1998 S10 pickup that is hestitating/shuddering seeming to "miss"while driving.

This would be when first starting out on the drive and also when I reach speeds of 60-70 MPH. Recently the check engine light came on and I took it to autozone for a diagnostic reading. It came back with a p0300 code - engine misfire.

I took it to a national franchise garage (Tuffy's) since they recently (6 months ago) replaced the distributor cap, rotor, wires, and plugs thinking it needed a tune up when it was doing it then. 1-2 months prior to that they replaced my fuel pump and fuel filter when I was having problems with intermittent starting problems.[/align][/align]

They are now telling me it is the distributor gear that is worn and "separating" at higher speeds from the cam shaft gear causing a longer arc within the distributor cap and causing the cap to become "burnt" on the contacts. They say it makesthe cap look almost 5-6 years old when it is only months old. [/align][/align]

I do not want to get rid of this vehicle considering all the parts and money I have now put into it trying to make it function properly. I am looking for a reliable honest mechanic that will tell me what is truly wrong with my truck without breaking my bank account[/align][/align]

I can fix problems if they are not too difficult, I just don't want to be replacing parts that are not causing the problem.

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