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How-To: Replacing Broken Seat Recline Levers (94-05 S10 & Blazer)

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August 4th, 2009, 6:20 PM   #1  
How-To: Replacing Broken Seat Recline Levers (94-05 S10 & Blazer)

Replacing Broken Seat Recline Handles

S10 & Blazer 1994-2005

If you own an S-series newer than 94, you have had or will have a broken-off seat recline lever.Theres no getting out of it. It will eventually happen. Most people will take their truck to the dealer only to be told that there is no fix for it and that they could buy a new seat for what it would cost to replace the reclining mechanism. There are specially adapted levers for sale on the net that will fix the problem in most cases.

--The first thing you need to do is check to make sure your lever is replacable by the adapted lever. Most of the time the lever will break completely off but in some cases, it can stay in place and freely move without tripping the reclining latch.
If it breaks off even with the seat leaving no stub sticking out, its not repairable with the replacement handles. If it strips out the inside of the handle leaving about a 2" stub, part of the stub will need to be cut off so the replacement lever doesn't stick out too far.

You can find these levers at these links:
Also can be found on eBay cheaper. Just search for "Blazer Seat Handle".

I advise buying a driver and passenger side at once. Doing so will save you another shipping charge. It WILL happen to the other side no matter how much its used.

The replacement lever looks like this out of the box:

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(Charcoal color pictured)

The replacement works on the principal of using a set screw to secure the handle to the stub.

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How to Install:

My seat handle was still in place freely spinning with a Phillips screw longer than the Hex screw that is the factory norm. This is a warranty replacement tactic by the dealer in the hope that it will prevent breakage again. Too bad it didn't prevent it.

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The stub should look like this:

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Line the set screw on the replacement up with the groove in the stub. I used a charcoal color to replace my tan to match the black interior accents I have instead of going back with the same color.

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Push the handle as far as it will go onto the stub and hold it. Turn the set screw with the hex key provided with the handle. If it keeps coming off the stub as you tighten, the groove is probably too damaged to secure the handle. The sleeve can be flipped over to utilize the other groove by removing the screw holding it to the plastic part of the handle and turning the sleeve over.

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Test it a few times to make sure it turns the stub like it should. Tighten the set screw if need be. I went a step further and put a dab of epoxy in the sleeve before I stuck it on the stub.

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October 23rd, 2011, 5:14 PM   #2  
Thank you so much. I wasn't planing on replacing it just set it and forget it , but with the extended cab they do come in handy. It is best to go to eBay for them.

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November 30th, 2011, 2:59 PM   #3  
does this work if the handle broke completely off? i do have the stub that your picture has, and i was also wondering what the replacement handle would cost? thank you so much!

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August 26th, 2015, 5:22 PM   #4  
You are right.I have the 2001 Ls Blazer with the same problem.I was lucky enough to use the old handle just enough to push the seat back just a tad.It doesn`t really bother me because I just leave my driver seat in one setting.

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August 31st, 2015, 10:43 PM   #5  
Broken Gm seat handle

I did buy the replacement this week.The guy`s name is ernest.The web site is bought just the driver side less than 25.00.It took me about 5 minutes.I never knew they had a aftermarket replacement until I rid your post.Thanks!remember all of you chevy

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