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1996 C/K 1500, 4.3 Vortec Transmission Problems

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July 10th, 2009, 12:13 AM   #1  
1996 C/K 1500, 4.3 Vortec Transmission Problems

Hello folks, Well the kid decided to take her truck 4 wheelin' and mud boggin' and now I'm trying to fix the truck. The truck is an 1996 C/K 1500 regular cab, short bed, 4.3 vortec V6 with a VIN of 1GCEK11W5TZ140050, manual 4x4. The truck was running fine, no service engine or check engine lights until she was done with it. Now the rig has the “service engine soon” light on and doesn’t upshift or downshift like it should. I took it to Autozone to have the codes read. Well, lets start with:
P0753, 1-2 shift solenoid electrical circuit
P0758, 2-3 shift solenoid electrical circuit
P1860, Torque converter clutch, Pulse Width Modulation, solenoid electrical circuit
P1864, Torque converter Clutch Electrical circuit
P1886 Shift Timing Solenoid circuit
Obviously I wasn’t a happy camper when I was done at Autozone. Tried finding a manual to repair the truck, with no luck. Every manual I could find is your basic tune-up stuff. Any one know where I can find a wiring diagram so I can try and fix this thing since everything seems to be electrically related. I’ve given it the general once over looking for broken wires, vacuum lines which I’ve found this truck doesn’t have.
BTW, it is also is throwing a P0152 and P0154 codes which I’ll deal with at a later time.

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I would try a Haynes or Chilton manual will tell you what codes mean and also have wiring diagrams if you ask autozone or advance auto parts they should be able to hook you up.

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Well if anybody cares, there is a round 12-14 pin connector on the right hand side of the tranny, covered by a heat shield, making it very hard to see, that worked is way loose causing all the problems, about 6 inches from the disconnected O2 sensor causing the rest of my problems.

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so that one 12-14 pin connector fixed all those codes??? how long was the pin unconnected for??

I have a 1996 chevy half ton with a 5.7L, and I have the codes

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my 2000 did the same thing,first it would start shifting very hard when I get off the freeway after a long drive,but it would only do this every once in a while,I would pull over and shut it off for a couple min.then it would shift great for a month or so,then one night the check engine light came on,and my truck would only take off in 3rd gear unless I pulled the shifter down into low but then it would start off in second,no OD or low gear,I replaced the two solenoids in the rear of the tranny,under inside the pan on the rear of the valve body,has been great ever sense,but a S-10 has a code P1886,and I would like to locate which solenoid that needs to be replaced,the code is ....shift/timing solenoid,but no one seems to know which one it is,maybe someone here know something about it.

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