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2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

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February 7th, 2008, 8:18 PM   #1  
2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

I got my 07 2500HD Duramax in september and im lookin to beef it up. Im lookin at a Edge juice w/ attitude for the chip. I also want to put a cold air intake, stacks, and at least a 6" suspension lift on it. any sugestions on what brands to go with. most of my friends wernt smart enough to buy a Chevy and this is my first full size truck so advice would help a lot

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February 8th, 2008, 12:23 PM   #2  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

hi Pete,
I m going to get the same type, ī08 2500 HD Duramax CrwCab StdBed, Z71 4x4,Black ,
considering to sign the deal next week.
As I am from Germany it is more complicated and expensive to get the
08 Duramax over here ;-)
If I will order, it should arrive here by end of March.
Cannot post any adviceabout add ons, but I will do similar like youafter I would get it.
Larger rims / tires and max. 3" bodylift maybe. My carport is only 85" high..

What is your experience with your truck so far since September ?
Any pros or cons to write about ? Satisfied with drive feeling, handling,MPGetc. ?
Power is not the question I guess..


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February 8th, 2008, 1:42 PM   #3  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

Good selection in truck! A co-worker of mine has a 06 2500HD Duramax with the Edge Juice w/ attitude. Its got that computer display that mounts to your dash and looks stock. He loves his, Although expensive, he thinks it was well worth it. But there are lots of options for diesels, so look around and do some research before you buy. Heres the programmers that I found for your truck: Banks 6 gun tuner, Bullydog, Duramax Excellerator, Duramaximizer, Edge, Superchips, Diablo Predator, Quadzilla Stealth. Do a search, check em out. As far as intakes, my number one prefrence is the Banks ram air $400, but worth the money. Second choice would be the Volant diesel system $419. Heres a website you can search through and buy all these goodies for your ride www.pmtdiesel.com
Good luck!

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February 8th, 2008, 5:45 PM   #4  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

Thanks for the advice on the intake systems...ill check it out. As far as how the truck is Michael, I dont have a single complaint other than it costs a lot to run. Stock it gets 16.5 mpg wich is not bad for a full size truck. The suspension is nice it doesnt jerk you around when you just drivin down the road but it can also take a load very well. The truck was well worth the buy and fits an outdoors persons lifstyle very well. The truck was made to work and it does that well but if your not workin and just ridin around it is still very comfortable. If there is anythin else you would like to know about it let me know and ill do my best to answer ?s

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February 10th, 2008, 2:22 PM   #5  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

thank you foryour infos, sounds not bad.
I appreciate any help and support !

You complain high costs, so read this :
- this truckīs import price is herein Germany at least$ 84,000 ..[8D]
- a gallon diesel runs here for not below $ 6.90 out of the pump []
- regularfuel 7.70 ..
- plus an a n n u a l car tax for this truck of roughly $ 1,700

MPG is not bad for that large truck, converted to our way to express fuel consume
this are 14 liter dieselper 100 kilometers.
My current BMW 530 D station takes 10 liters / 100 km.
so compared, a fair consumption of the Chevy considering theamazing power of it.

What trim do you have ? I want to go for the LTZ with Black leather.
Can you say sth about the quality and finishimpression?
I read about weak painting. I guess the former plastic look is gone ..
How about the engine service, complicated or expensive ?
Which intervalls, each ...miles ?

Problem is that here is no regular service or repair garage for GM trucks.
But maybe my workshop will handle it, from them I will get my new
Black 08 Corvette Convertible LS3 as my private fun car later in March.

The Silverado should be my new company car to replace the 530 D.
Sometimes I have to carry palets with spare parts or towing trailers with
2.5 tons mini excavators, I am dealing with road construction machines.
So it may be the right car for me.
And of course, I am great US car and USA fan since 30 years, since my childhood.

Is theSilveradogood and convinient also on longer distances, say 200 miles upwards ?
Do you have the Z71 suspensions or not ?

Engine / chip tuning is here also a big thing, but I personally donīt trust this gimmicks.
Anyway, thanks also to the fireman for his advices. great ! Will go for the air intake,
I ordered also a honker for the Vette. So it must work good also on the Diesel ?

Tons of questions and ideas, sorry.. but hope to get answers from
first hand, fromowners of that big toys for big boys

good night guys, now 8:20 p.m., time to enter the sofa for TV ;-))

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February 10th, 2008, 10:17 PM   #6  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

16.5 mpg isn't bad considering I have the same truck with a 6.0 and it is lucky to get 10 with a tailwind.

Makes me want to reconsider the deisel, as I have only heard bad so far considering mileage. My 08 1/2 ton with the 5.3 pulls 17 mpg, so I would be mad if a diesel wasn't better than that.

Michael, I love to hear stories of US vehicles overseas. Are you an American over there, or just wanting something that can handle the load? Are American trucks rare over there?

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February 11th, 2008, 12:58 AM   #7  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

Hey Michael, you should wait a year, and get the Corvette ZR1, thats going to be the baddest mo fo on the road!!!!

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February 12th, 2008, 1:15 PM   #8  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

No I dont have the Z71 package personally I think its a waste of money from what I know all you get is a stiffer suspension and skid plates...the HD handles any load that I have put in it just fine and I only have the 4x4 package. A lot of Chevy dealers say its not worth the $. But this is my opinion. I just have regular cloth seats, the leather would be nice but I plan on puttin some wet okley seat covers on. The finish is nice in my oppinion and yes the plastic look is gone. The crome front bumper is plastic but it looks like metal. As far as service goes I do all the maintnence my self as far as oil, fuel filter, ect. Its fairly simple because there is so much space under the hood that its not hard to get your hands on something u need to. Long trips are fine too. The ride is very comfortable and it still gets normal mpg. I recently went to NC, Im out of richmond VA, to get a boat and with the 4,000lbs boat the tuck still got over 16 mpg.

I dont mind the questions, glad to here that you like american vehicles so much

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February 13th, 2008, 9:25 AM   #9  
RE: 2007 2500HD Duramax add-ons?

Great to read your replies, thanks buddies
Well, here is my portion from Germany again ..

@ IAfarmer & fireman :
I am German (like-to-be-but-sorry-not-American, but have several relatives, friends
andbusiness partnersin the States ) ..

Since my youth Igo crazyfor US cars, as child I got often visits from
my late grand uncle fromDenver, COand his son, who was serving the USAF in Frankfurt.
I got wet in the pants when heared their roaring V8īs
In younger years I was working 2 years for UPS in Giessen, daily contact with US facilities
and troopsat former largest US kasern and depot. Had lot GI friends..
Now, 20 years later, I am busy to export used Road Construction Equipment worldwide.

Plus my Sister has a half-american son.

My first visit to U.S. was in 2001 to Alaska, last trip was in 2006, doing 6,000 mls with a
Chev Trailblazer from Vegas thru West Coast .. LA, Frisco, Seattle, Vancouver
faaar way north to Dawson City/ Yukon, and over the top of the world highway to final destination Anchorage, AK again.

The mother-of-all-true-sportscars, Corvette is my youth dream since aged 14..
now, aged 42, itīs time to make dreams true ! !
Last year ordered the LS3 Vette Vert, nowordered all new 2008 BMW R 1200 GS and
going to fix the Silverado deal this week.
All three toys should arrive end of March - yeeeehaw effect for the boring neighbours [8D]
And yes, I have the rebel flag in my garage

Fireman, the ZR-1 has a closed roof and if you go for purchase it here
you would have a closed account too.
It should be sold here from 2009 for kidding $ 155 K upwards..

Because of closed roof I baught also not the Z06,
I like only the sky above me ;-).
Butassume, 436 HP are enough to get "R.I.P." printed on your next plate ...
So far we have no speed limit on Autobahn.

In Germanyfull size trucks ( RAM, F-250 or Silverado, Sierra ) are very very rare.
I see maybeonly 4 -5 pc. a year (!) on the roads. Tundras and Titans are none here.
All tooo big and too thursty for small Germany ..
And it is complicated and expensive to import a truck to Germany.
Your $ sticker price plus US and sea freight plus 22 % customs fee plus 19 % tax here.
US carscomes inwith 10 % customs fee only.

Pete, I was in march and April 2005 two times in Richmond, VA.
I baught there a40 tons-"Wirtgen" Asphalt Milling Machine from a Road Contractor in
Chesterfield ( it was somewhere in the forest 20 mls southwest out of Richmond..).
I know he is a big guy in Marlboro City, he owns big portions of the Richmond Raceway
and has own Race Teams.

So now get back to my desk and continue working out the Silverado order..

Iam going to let paint the chrome front bumper Black, like the 1500īs are.
All chrome front looks too massive I guess !?
And going for the Z71, like the decals.

Anyhow, willkeep you postedabout the outcomes with my American goodies..

take care,Michael

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