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Installing Amp and subs, Wiring questions

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December 10th, 2010, 7:39 PM   #1  
Installing Amp and subs, Wiring questions

Okay I really feel like a newbie with this Tahoe. I recently bought a fully loaded 2008 Tahoe LT with an LT3 package minus the navigation. I am trying to switch my 15's, amp and kinetic powercell over to my new vehicle. I had all this in a 2004 basic trailblazer ls. Installing things on that thing was easy as hell but this tahoe seems more advanced to me. I really do not want to tear up my Tahoe in a bad way but still want to install the system still using the stock bose sound system. I have heard several different ways from using a harness in the stock deck that allows aftermarket amps to running a low frequency converter to the rear door speakers for the rca connection. I also do not know where a good 12V connection would be as the fusebox is on top of the battery box and not under the rear passenger seat like on the trailblazer. I also am a bit confused as to WHERE on the battery I should install the 4 gauge power line I want to run. Basically I need some professional guidance for an Amateur installer when it comes to installing on a 2008 tahoe.

The system is 2 15 inch Powerbass XXXL connection to an Autotek 1900.1D amplifer with a Kinetik 800, 4 gauge wiring all around with a memphis audio fuse box for the line to the battery.

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Welcome to the forum.

There's also a set of fuses at the end of the IP that is behind a removable cover when the door is open.

I think there is connection available on the positive battery terminal.

Some others here can probably point you to the wiring harness that you are looking for. Or you can search the forum as I do recall seeing it mentioned.

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December 11th, 2010, 4:26 PM   #3  
i may be off trying to help but i just did the same in my wifes car. i bought an loc and hooked to my rear door speakers and then ran my rca from there to the amp. i also bought new battery termianls and did the big three upgrade and just ran my amp to the battery.the loc sounded great lounder then my wifes aftermarket..sorry if this doesnt help

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December 11th, 2010, 6:24 PM   #4  
Okay i found some install tips on this forum, that basically gave me the jist. there is a fuse post above the battery that i plugged into and i ran the line through the crevise under the hood hinge and brought it through the side seal where the door speaker wiring goes through. I really couldnt find a better place than that to run my 4 gauge wiring. I did not feel like tearing apart my truck anymore than i needed too. I did read that tapping into the rear speakers with a low frequency converter was the way to go BUT also read it was bad for the Bose amp because the amp had a sensor regulator and tapping into it would overload the amp overtime or confuse it. Instead I ran my RCA's into the center console where the Bose stock subwoofer was out and found the sub harness and tapped into that, which i heard had little or no effect on the stock amp. I ran my 12v remote to the IGN harness underneath the driver side dash. I ran everything pretty easily all the way to the back. I thought this was going to be harder than it really was. I also put a switch for the 12v remote into the center console compartment to shut off the amp when i dont need it. i also put the bass **** in there as well. I will post some pics up later of my work if anyone wants to see it. It really sounds great too. not as crystal clear and competitve as my trailblazer with an aftermarket deck, and mb quarts in the doors, but it sounds really good. I do have a lot of rattle in the back cabin. anyone have an suggestions as to where i should put some dynamat? my 2 15's are facing upward and sitting up against the 2nd row seats.

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