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Cavalier Starting in the 1980s. the Cavalier made a name for itself by offering an affordable 2 and 4 door compact.
Platform: J-body

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Old 07-08-2011, 06:43 PM
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Default Upper Timing Chain Guide Access Plug Stuck?

It's always the easiest things. I'm in the middle of a timing chain replacement on a 2004 Cavalier 2.2 Eotec. Two questions for those of you that have done this before:

1. How the heck do you remove the access plug to get to the upper fixed chain guide bolt? It seems like that thing is stuck like glue. Even broke out the vicegrips briefly but a stopped when it was clear that they were simpy going to chew it up. It doesn't have a hex head. Is there a trick to removing it?

2. On the 2004 Cav it has that annoying bracket that gets in the way of working on the aforementioned upper guide bolt/acces plug. I've removed the motor mount, but it seems that the bolts that hold the remaining bracket on are too long to remove. They simply back out to the frame and stop. I've tried raising the engine just a bit to get a little more room but there doesn't seem to be a good way to remove it. Has anyone had success with this without removing the whole engine?
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Old 07-10-2011, 07:34 PM
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Still stuck on what to do with that plug. Again, it's always the seemingly simplest things that seem to slow me down. Tore everything down without a hitch but I'm standing on the brink of installing the new parts and reassembling my car, and I'm held back by that stinkin plug.

Is there a certain allen/torx/etc size that will fit the middle hole and allow me to turn it? Apart from that it's just me and a pair of vice grips battling the outside radius of the plug. Surely someone's taken this thing out before. What's the trick?
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Old 07-11-2011, 08:20 PM
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Finally got it. If anyone else finds themself struggling with this, you need a 10mm hex key to turn it. In my case, it took the hex key, an 18 inch piece of pipe and every bit of force I could throw at it with my 190lb body. When it broke free I honestly expected to look down and see the hex key snapped in two.

If you can get a 10mm hex socket on it with a breaker bar, that would probably be even better, but I simply couldn't wedge anything more than the hex key in there (tight quarters).

By far the toughest bolt in this entire project. Glad that's over
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