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1988 Chevy S10 problem

Old  July 16th, 2006, 9:25 PM
1988 Chevy S10 problem

Hello, I have a 1988 Chevy s10, 4.3, v6, 4x4. And about a month ago it started having problems. After tending to the problems, I finished rebuilding the fuel system, (Pressure regulator, filter, pump, and injectors) All new. Well thinking I finally got it working, here about a week ago, it died on me at a stop light, and haven't been able to start it since. I would crank it and it would pudder while I had the gas down, but injectors would quit spitting right as I let off the gas. Some people told me maybe my cat. converter was clauged (possible.), so i went and took it off and attempted to start it, and nothing but a loud truck that won't start. I'm confused as to what it could be. I don't think it could be anything to do with the fuel system because I just replaced it nearly a week ago. Dropping nearly $1,000 into this truck in the past month and it's still not starting. What could be the problem? Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

Try to put a little gas in the throttle body and see if it will fire and run off of that. It could be something in your ignition system. I had a friend with a 91 S10 Blazer, 4.3 2wd. Something in the distributor went out and it wouldn't start, or pump any fuel.
If it does start when you put some gas in the tb, check your fuses. I had an 86 S10 that wouldn't start, no fuel, (blown fuse). Later the fuel relay wouldn't kick until the oil pressure was built up, so you would have to crank it for 11/2 min to 2 min before it would start, or put some gas in the tb to get it started and get the oil pressure up.
Good luck

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

Alright, I put some gas in the throttle body, and got a backfire in which I had to put out a fire, lol. I disconnected the lines, and it showed that theres no gasoline getting to the injectors now. I had a friend check the wires and their getting power, but the lines to the pump are dead. So it seems maybe no connection. I plugged it back in and fired it, and it would just pudder again. He's suspecting it may be the fuel pump relay? Is that a possibility? I'd take his word, but I'm on a limit budget and I don't feel like spending any more money replacing parts that don't need to be replaced. As for trying to get the oil pressure back up, I tried rotating it over and over for a while, and still no start. But thats where I'm standing as far as this problem goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all,

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

You will have to look in a book to find your fuel pump relay, sorry about your little fire, haven't had that problem yet. If you can find your hot wire to the pump and your ground you should be able to run a wire from the bat (any 12v) to the power and the ground to a good ground. That should tell you if it is your pump. Check your fuses too.
If it is not that start checking your ignition system. I'm not sure about 88 but it should cut off the fuel if it will not fire. If you can pull a plug and hold it on or very close to the block/body(something that will provide a ground) If it doesen't spark something is wrong with your ignition.

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

Today I took it to a mechanic, and got the wires tested back to the fuel pump. The wires were good up untill the pump. The pump wasen't cutting on, so I went and got the relay today for the fuel pump. Put it on, hooked the wires back up and it fired for a short moment. But the gas wasen't consistant, the fuel kept cutting off. The mechanic said I could drive it home doing the manual switching (it's an automatic.) Keeping it idleing in nuetral and gassing in drive. Well I did that and truck completely died on the highway. Fired it back up and the fuel was working normally, I didn't need to hold the gas to keep it going. (Weird.) So my wife followed me about 400 feet down the road and it died once more. This time now not starting again. So I had a tow truck bring it back to my house. I'm no mechanic, but now it's starting to seem like their might be a short in a wire somewhere, but I have no clue where to start. (That mechanic wasen't much of a help, but it was the cheapest I could find. My fault, lol.). Fueses were checked and all good, and it's getting fire. I checked the plug wire like ya said. So I'm kinda getting boggled, very strange things happening with this truck. Lol, thanks so far for all your help.

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

its starting to sound like the computer mabye. if its the wiring i cant help you to much with that because without being there to look at it. its kinda hard to figure it out. i had one car that did almost the same thing it would not start at all unless i put gas in the top. then it would run till the gas i put in ran out. it was just a durby car so after i tryed a few things and it diddnt work i towed it to the dump. i dont think that would work for your truck though.lol although you may feel like that by now.

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

I think I would tend to agree with that.
If you look under your dash their should be a plug with nothing pluged into it. I think it is a 12 or 14 wire if I remeber right.
If you jump the bottom right hand terminals with a wire and turn the key on, don't try to start it. Your engine light will flash.
It should flash once, short pause then twice. It should do that 3 times. Any think after that will be a diagnostic code. The 12 will always flash when you check the computer.
If you have a Haynes book the codes are in that, if not you can call auto-zone or advance and they should be able to tell you what it is.
I don't know it that will tell you if your computer is bad or not.
Worth a try.
Other than that I would suggest a short or something similar. (bad connection)

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RE: 1988 Chevy S10 problem

I had a similar problem in my 88 S-10 Blazer at 160,000. Mine was a combination of the fuel pump relay and fuel pump itself. I cut open my old relay and the contacts were fried but were still supplying a lower voltage to the pump. That relay was located in the front drivers side fender well. When you first turn the ignition on without trying to start it, you should easily hear the pump turn on. With the ignition on, find the relay and listen for chatter. The voltage to the relay coil could be insufficiant. Good luck.

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having similar issues

I got a 1988 as well and is doing the same thing but only when i turn the key it burns out my ecm1 fuse already changed fuel pump relay and it just keep burning fuse

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