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2001 s10 stalls

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2001 s10 stalls

I have a 2001 s-10 4.3L pickup when it gets to normal operating temp it quits, just as if you turned off the key. When it quits the gas and temp gauges drop all the way down to 0. The engine will crank but will not fire. After sitting for a few minutes the gas and temp gauge will go up. Than the engine will start but I have to step on the gas to keep it running. It will eventually idle by itself for a few minutes than quit again. Changed the fuel filter, fuel pump and ignition module. That didnít help. Took it to the shop, they hooked it to the computer but the computer would not connect. Like it wasnít even hooked up. They tried different adapters with no luck.

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Did you happen to solve this issue?

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Sounds like when I knocked off a line near removing my serpentine belt on a 2.8 j-body. I think it was to the purge canister or something. So check all your hoses.

Doesn't quite sound like a TCC solenoid issue in the OP post.

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