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stuck in 4wd

[>:] I have a 99 Silverado 5.3L 130,000mi. Engaged 4WD high for the trip home from work after the last snowfall. It didn't seem to help. Couldn't get any traction. Thought it was my crappy tires (Firestone Destination LE). Got home, tried to switch back to 2WD but the 4WD LED flashed, heard some noises under truck like it wanted to, but it just went back to 4WD. It will go to Auto 4WD. Now I'm wondering if it's not just the crappy tires, but really don't have 4WD. Had switch replaced 2yrs ago. Any ideas what's going on?

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RE: stuck in 4wd

Well, im no pro, but it does sound like your 4wd is messing up. Sounds like your tcase fluid is low, wich would cause it to not want to shift out, Here's what i would do:First, are any check engine lights on? If so, get an OBD2 reader and check the codes (or have a mechanic do it, but a reader is an outstanding investment, use it twice and you get your monies worth) if not,check your transfer case fluid, is it low, or does ithave metalshavings, ? check the electronics (wires and plugs) to see if anthing is loose or shorted out. Have some one drive it in 4wd drive while checking to see if the front drivshaft is spinning. if all this checks out good, check the fluid in the front diff. metal shavings? let me know how it goes.

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RE: stuck in 4wd

[>:] I changed the transfer case, front and rear differential fluids a couple of months ago. They looked fine, the transfer case fluid was pretty toasty. The service engine soon light is on, but it came on about two weeks before I used the 4WD. I'm assuming it's an emissions problem considering the truck runs fine. Last winter it kicked on periodically only when it got cold (< 20F). This year it popped on as soon as the temp. dropped. This weekend I'm replacing all four O2 sensors, hoping this takes care of the problem. Now that you brought it up, I've got my doubts. I figured with 130,000MI they should probably be replaced. I don't have an OBD2 reader and I'm trying to avoid taking to a mechanic ($$$). Considering I rarely use the 4WD in the summer, is there a shaft that engages the 4WD thats stuck and needs grease? I pushed the 2WD button last night, but it made the same noises, then the LED on the buttons flashed, the "service 4WD " message came on, and all the button LED's cut out. Turned off the engine, started it back up and the 4WD LED was back on.

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RE: stuck in 4wd

[>:] I heard that it might be the actuator. Has anybody replaced one? From where it's located (mounted in front differential), it looks easy.

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RE: stuck in 4wd

if you "hold" in the 2wd button it should go in

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RE: stuck in 4wd

If I understand right you were driving with it in four wheel drive on the way home probablysome of it on dry roads.

I'm sure not a mechanic, but, I remember back in the 70's when a guy came around to my place with a Bronco. He couldn't get it out of four wheel drive and wondered if I could help. He had been driving on dry roads with it in four wheel drive because the dealer said he should break it in with the hubs locked.
Well, I just brought my floor jack out and jacked up the front end, the wheels did aboutquarter ofa turn. It was just bound up so tight from driving on a dry road. I don't know if that can happen with the newer models or not, but I imagine it could, that is why they have the auto fourwheel drive.Just thought I'd pass it along.

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RE: stuck in 4wd

[>:] Holding down the 2WD button may work, but the roads in some spots are still icey, and I'd hate to have it stuck in 2WD. I appreciate the idea, but that really doesn't solve the problem. I'm just wondering what is effected by cold weather, supposed to get down to -10F tonight. I heard that in cold weather if the actuator is going, it takes longer to engage. I'm just going to replace the old one when it's not so butt ### cold.
Anybody ran into the same problem? Is there something I should know about changing out the actuator?

When I was driving home it was through about 5 inches of snow and it was rolling stops when I could. Think alot of it was bad tires. Once again Firestone Destination LE (Life Ending), or should I say hockey pucks.

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RE: stuck in 4wd

Well what kind of truck do u all not much in to trucks i am a car person my self...i own a 1969 camaro is red and white racing is kick A

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My 2004 Silverado transfer case was stuck in 4L. I called the chev service at my local dealer. He said there is a specific routine to get it unlocked. The truck must be parked, running, and in neutral. With your foot on the brake, push the 4H button, then the 2H and it will be unlocked. My thanks to a knowledgeable service mechanic; it worked!

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sounds like a lot of guessing here
ugh ok well there are a few thing to know your t-case has two different actuators to pick from :advance auto: can look it up

second yes a bad actuator can make it stick or not go in as in my case i got 4x4 lo but not hi :119: for actuator here dont have it yet

and driving with 4x4 on with the rds dry will not hurt it :is it recommended probably not : you will feel tire sticking yes there rubbing and will wear tires out early

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