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07 Tahoe Rear Lift Gate Window won't Open

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07 Tahoe Rear Lift Gate Window won't Open

Any help with this would be appreciated. I have an 07 Tahoe without auto liftgate. I pushed the botton to open the rear window and now it will not work. There is no noise or anything. I looked in the manual assuming that it must be a fuse but I did not find anything. I still think that that may be the problem but any assistance would be greatly welcomed.

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You'll need to remove the inside panel and check for voltage at the switch and verify that the switch is working. If it is, then check for voltage at the lock actuator. Also check grounds.

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I assume you have tried it with the remote and the button above the plate?

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I have the same question as ousig2408. Did you try opening it any other way?

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