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help, im getting really bad gas mileage!!

Old  April 7th, 2011, 6:32 AM
help, im getting really bad gas mileage!!

I just purchased a 02 trailblazer with 80,miles on it from a dealership. they advertised it as getting 16 city 21 highway. The truck runs very good and is very quiet. It has brand new tires on and oil was changed. Ive driven it from a full tank for 175 miles and im on a quarter tank already. 175 miles/19.125(the amount of gallons i used from a 25.5 gallon tank) = 9 miles per gallon???? I drive slow too. any suggestions on what i can do?

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refill the tank and see the actual fuel amount put in and use that number. estimating the fuel used from looking at the gauge isn't accurate. average the results over 3 fill ups.

Repost the results when you get them.

What t-case option do you have? 3 button, 4 button with auto4wd?

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Gas WITHOUT ethanol helps, too.

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