Obsession of the Week: 1948 Fully-custom Chevy Pickup Is Golden

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1948 Chevy 3100

From top to bottom, this truck is a beautiful combination of vintage and modern.

Some trucks are restored to their original look because the person restoring the vehicle wants the truck to look exactly like it did on the showroom floor however many years ago. Then there are some restorers that want to bring a truck back to life, but with a twist. And trust us, we have a truck with plenty of twists today.

Classic Cars recently listed a 1948 Chevy 3100 pickup truck. Now, forget what you know about the 1948 3100 because while this truck looks like it originally did, for the most part, pretty much every other part of this truck has been tinkered with and updated. This is a beautiful truck, but make no mistake, this is not your grandfather’s Chevy.

Starting with the exterior, its clear that the person that drives this vehicle is begging to be stopped in traffic and bugged by passersby. This is a truck that stands out in a crowd. The color is listed as PPG 99 Sebring Champagne with green accents. Whatever the color is, it’s striking to say the least. The green accents can be seen throughout the vehicle, with the flames on the side, the grille on the front, and the interior, which keeps the two-tone look of the vehicle.

While we’re talking about the interior, it would be a crime not to mention how pristine the interior looks. The leather work on the seat is immaculate, and the wheel and dash components all look beautiful. But those Chevy purists out there should know, this truck isn’t going for authenticity, it’s complete modernized. There’s power steering, power doors, air-conditioning, and a CD player.

Hiding under the custom hood is a Chevrolet 454 marine engine with a steel crank and 4-speed automatic transmission. Keeping with the custom theme, the exhaust is custom mandrel bent tubing through a Magniflow muffler. The whole truck sits on 18” front wheels and 20” rear. Overall, there’s a laundry list of customizations over at Classic Cars, if you’re interested.

Needless to say, this is a truck that is completely unique and beautiful, and sure to draw a crowd wherever its parked.

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