1977 Chevrolet K10 is a Desert Delight

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Chevrolet K10

Beastly-looking Chevrolet K10 promises to balance frills with thrills.

It can be a tough decision whether to restore or modify a vintage truck. On the one hand, stock trucks hold value and the market is healthy. On the other hand, the aftermarket is very healthy and a truck is to be enjoyed. However, we wonder if this super cool Chevy K10 could be the almost perfect balance.

The truck caught our eye on Classic Cars as a freshly restored example of a Chevrolet K10 with some sweet modifications. It currently resides in Las Vegas and has a new vintage air system with air conditioning and a new aluminum radiator with dual fans blowing on it. Add that to the rest of the package and this could be the perfect desert daily driver.

1977 Chevy K10 custom interior.

The restoration is comprehensive, to say the least. Someone has really put the work in to clean the frame and then protect it with black chassis paint. The truck also has a new wire harness transplant as well as all new switches and lights. The brakes have all been replaced as well so the next owner shouldn’t end up ruining the paint job with any unplanned off-roading excursions. However, it would be a sacrilege not to take this beast on planned trips off-road.

Under the hood, 350 small-block has been unshackled with ceramic coated headers, an Edelbrock carb and intake, and a performance cam. The paint job uses Toyota ‘Cement Grey’ which would probably be incredibly boring without putting Chevrolet’s ‘Atomic Orange’ to effective use on the rally stripes. For us, the grey and orange theme for the custom interior really binds the custom look together. Then, to top things off, adding the Robby Gordon Race Wheels shod with a set of 35″ Mud Terrains just helps push the needle on the badass-o-meter firmly towards the right.

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