GMC Jimmy Jumps at Chance to Go Out in Blaze of Glory

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Beater Jimmy 4×4 executes one epic launch. The landing? Um, not so much. 

With Chevrolet bringing back the Blazer, we can’t help but recall its origins. The GMC Jimmy 4×4 was a variant of the Blazer that was a solid and tough SUV that earned bragging rights as an off-road ready rig. Unfortunately, GM stopped making the Jimmy in 2001. So, we were happy to come across this video featuring an old school GMC Jimmy. Well, until we saw the ending.

The video is by the eponymous You Tube channel Mark Freeman #408. Freeman engages in a lot of crazy and cool stunts with basically anything on wheels. It features a beater Jimmy that is on its last legs. So, Freeman decides to send the ride off in style: Taking one final leap into the great beyond. OK, it’s not that dramatic, but it is one hell of a jump.

GMC Jimmy 4x4

First, Freeman and his team install a remote kill switch. This one was built for him by fellow You Tuber Postal Redneck. This allows them in essence to control the SUV, execute the jump, and keep everyone safe and out of the vehicle during the stunt. Once they have the kill switch set up, the prep the Jimmy to make sure it is good to go. Gotta make sure the gas tank is empty, and that everything is safe.

Then, it is time for the big moment.

The truck gets amazing air, and the jump is incredible!

The landing, however, isn’t quite a bullseye. The Jimmy basically does a full nose dive and flips over, landing undercarriage up.

GMC Jimmy 4x4 Flipped Over

But you’ve got to be impressed. Even the nose dive goes off pretty well! They retrieve the kill switch and camera inside, and the SUV is pretty much in a one piece, all things considered. Although it will now to scraps, and that great garage in the sky.

The jump is badass, as was the mudding they did in the Jimmy a few days before.

This GMC was a tough old beater. And Freeman and his team definitely put it through the paces.

It definitely makes us happy to revisit and appreciate the GMC Jimmy 4×4 once again. This is a great rig that rightfully led the pack for many years.

To see more of Mark Freeman’s crazy stunts, check him out on Instagram or You Tube.

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