Hennessey Goliath 6×6 Silverado Is the Alpha Dog of Trucks

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Hennessey Goliath 6x6

If you just have to drive the meanest, baddest truck on the road, the Hennessey Goliath 6×6 is it. But it’ll cost you.

Until now, those wanting to join the 6×6 club had only a couple of choices. Move overseas and pony up for a Mercedes G-Wagon, or dial up Hennessey and order a VelociRaptor. But now that we’ve got a fresh, angry-looking new Silverado on the market, the famous Texas tuner is giving Chevy fans something to get excited about. And it’s this wild creation known as the Hennessey Goliath 6×6.

As if the 2019 Silverado wasn’t aggressive looking enough, John Hennessey and his team of misfits have turned it up to 11 here. The crew starts with an already capable Trail Boss Z71 model and amplify its off-road capabilities. By, well, adding another axle. But that obvious addition isn’t the only thing that makes the Hennessey Goliath 6×6 the alpha dog of trucks.

Hennessey Goliath 6x6

As you’d expect from anything with the Hennessey name, the Goliath packs plenty of extra ponies under the hood. The company slaps its HPE700 upgrade on the factory 6.2-liter V8, which consists mainly of a massive 2.9-liter supercharger. With a modest 7 psi of boost, the engine now produces an impressive 705 hp and 675 lb-ft torque.

Despite the obvious addition of weight, Hennessey expects 0-60 times to fall somewhere in the 4-second range. But of course, that won’t be enough for some folks. So, you can also opt for a stroker upgrade in your Hennessey Goliath 6×6, which boosts output to a whopping 808 hp. Other goodies, including custom interiors and Brembo brake upgrades, are also available.

Hennessey Goliath 6x6

The Goliath comes standard with special 20-inch wheels, 37-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires, custom bumpers, added lighting, and a rollbar. It sits up extra high thanks to an 8-inch lift, and the rear suspension is obviously all-new to accommodate the extra axle.

Pretty awesome, indeed. But of course, there is bad news. Like the VelociRaptor 6×6, Hennessey isn’t building many. In fact, only 24 examples will see the light of day. The price of entry is also rather high at $375,000, and goes up as you add options. But if you just have to drive the baddest, meanest truck on the road, we’re here to tell you – this is it.

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