How is this Chevy S-10 Still on the Road?!?

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Hopefully, this truck is on a one-way trip to the junkyard. 

Remember the Chevy S-10? It hasn’t been around since 2004, but over the course of its 22-year production run, it was a capable hauler, a street truck, and a fixture on the roads for decades. In recent years, the herds of S-10s have thinned due to age, rust, and general wear and tear. But while we’ve seen plenty of sad S-10s out there, we’ve never exactly seen one like this.

Chevy trucks have a knack for surviving just about anything, but this one should not be on the road. In this very short clip, we see a 1998-2004 extended cab S-10 pulling up to a stop sign. The truck looks to be running fine. For its age, the bed is clean and relatively free of dents. And… the cab looks like it’s been hit by a freight train.

Wrecked Chevy S-10.

On closer inspection, it’s impressive that the rest of the truck looks as intact as it does. There doesn’t look to be any damage to the bed, frame, or sheetmetal ahead of the A-pillars. If the owner is so inclined, it looks like he could get a new cab, glass, and doors at his local pick-and-pull, and bring this thing back to life. But as it is, this thing shouldn’t go anywhere near a road.

In a way, we commend the owner for sticking with his wrecked truck. We love our rides, and if something terrible should happen to them, we’d move heaven and earth to fix them. But before this owner thinks about taking this truck back out on the road anytime soon, we hope he takes on some pretty big repairs first. Otherwise, here’s hoping that this truck is on a one-way ride to the scrap heap.

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