Stunning Chevy 454 SS Is the Ultimate Muscle Truck

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Chevy 454 SS

You don’t see many Chevy 454 SS pickups around anymore. And certainly none as nice as this original beauty.

Outside of the many special edition pickups of the ’70s, there wasn’t much interesting going on for decades. But then, in the ’90s, something magical happened. The dawn of the muscle truck was upon us, offering up a slew of powerful street machines with beds for the discerning customer. Our favorite of the bunch, of course, is the Chevy 454 SS. Because it was built using the quintessential hot rod formula.

That is, stuff the biggest engine you have into the smallest, lightest platform available. Thus, the Chevy 454 SS came equipped with the brand’s biggest big block, mounted in a regular cab, short bed, two-wheel drive pickup. Throw in a bigger front sway bar, Bilstein shocks, quicker steering, and a nice set of wheels and tires, and you’ve got a winner.

Chevy 454 SS

17,000 Chevy 454 SS trucks were built altogether, but you don’t see a ton of them on the market today. Certainly not many as clean as this amazing 1990 example we spotted in the Chevrolet Forum Marketplace, that’s for sure. With 116k miles showing on the odometer, it’s obviously been lovingly cared for over the years. And living in sunny, dry California doesn’t hurt, either.

Chevy 454 SS

This gorgeous Chevy 454 SS is mostly stock, too. The seller has converted the air conditioning to r34, which isn’t a bad thing. Other than that, a new set of tires and Flowmaster exhaust fill out the upgrades list. The rest, from that unmistakable blacked-out exterior to flawless red interior, is nothing short of stunning.

Chevy 454 SS

This beauty of a muscle truck is just one example of the many cool rides and parts you can find in the Chevrolet Forum Marketplace. So if you’re in the market for any of that (and who isn’t?), head on over and take a look!

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