Camaro ZL1 Takes on Classic Nova in Epic Drag Race (Video)

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In a classic case of old vs. new, we learn that sometimes, it isn’t just about the kind of car you’re driving.

Old versus new. It’s perhaps the most iconic of all comparisons, especially when you’re talking about cars. Proponents of each will mindlessly trumpet their cause, refusing to accept counterarguments. Or, sometimes, even the cons of their own choices. We’re quite simply blinded by our passion for the vehicles we love, which isn’t always a good thing. But no matter how strongly we feel about our particular passions, drag racing never lies. And this Camaro ZL1 versus Nova showdown is no exception.

On paper, it’s a curious matchup. We know all about the Camaro ZL1 and its supercharged, 650 hp, 6.2-liter supercharged V8. Though it’s obviously designed more as a corner carver than a straight-line terror, the super Camaro is no slouch in that department, either. Blasting to 60 mph takes a mere 3.5-seconds, with the quarter-mile coming in only 11.7 ticks. But this particular example also has the benefit of some sticky drag radials out back, which should help it immensely.

Camaro ZL1

On the flip side, we’ve got an old school Chevy Nova obviously set up for drag racing. There’s no mistaking the massive rear rollers out back, though the rest of the car is pretty clean and innocuous. Heck, even the hood features only a conservative cowl. Most of the ones we see at the strip are so tall the driver has a hard time seeing the tree.

Camaro ZL1

Regardless, it isn’t hard to spot the more experienced driver here. After performing an incredibly weak burnout, the Camaro ZL1 pilot proceeds to stumble off the line, losing this race before it even starts. He manages only a 12.56-second pass, well behind the Nova’s impressive 10.43. So maybe, at least in this case, the numbers do lie. Because as we all know, new school or old, a fast car is only as good as the person behind the wheel!

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