Think a Luxury SUV Can’t Drift? Think Again.

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"That thing can't drift" #gmc #yukon #denali #drifting #likeaboss

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GMC Yukon Denali slays a 360-degree drift.

When you looks at a GMC Yukon Denali, you’d probably think it couldn’t handle any real drifting. True, when we think of drifting, a luxury SUV wouldn’t be our vehicle of choice. But tell racer Troy Miller he can’t do something behind the wheel, and he’ll take that as a challenge.

If you aren’t familiar with Troy Miller┬áthis is a perfect introduction. Miller is a rally racer, usually found drifting a Subaru for Rally America. But Miller has more tricks up his sleeve, and he shares them on his fun and crazy Instagram account.

Miller performs this very cool feat in a parking lot. He wastes no time, tearing off and taking the Denali sideways in a badass 360-degree rotation. The sound of the tires screeching is music to our ears. After the first go, Miller keeps going and grabs more solid sideways action. It’s an awesome sight to behold. Miller posted the video with the caption “That thing can’t drift.” And then, we assume, brushed those shoulders off.

When it comes to GMC, never say never. Especially if Troy Miller is in earshot.

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