Classy 1977 Chevrolet K10 Is One Rockin’ Resto-Mod

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1977 Chevrolet K-10

Tastefully restored and modified K10 is the kind of truck we’d always like to keep around.

We like keeping a pickup around. Anyone who makes a habit of keeping a truck around the house can attest to the infinite uses four wheels and a cargo box seem to serve. Not only that, pickups exude a presence that just can’t be matched by a little crackerbox with front-wheel drive and a four-cylinder under the hood.

We came across this 1977 Chevrolet K10 while cruising through the listings on Classic Cars. The orange-on-gray exterior caught our eye, and a closer look did not disappoint.

1977 Chevrolet K-10

The owner took a different approach to paint color and chose “Cement Gray” from the Toyota catalog for the base. It’s a rather plain color on its own, but it really pops with those “Atomic Orange” rally stripes. Those come from the Corvette color palette.

1977 Chevrolet K-10

This K10 is said to have just been through a full restoration, and it looks like it too. Per the photo gallery included, it’s been completely disassembled, leaving no piece untouched. A rebuilt 350 V8 sits up front and sports an Edelbrock carb. It’s actually a bit refreshing to see something period correct, instead of the modern (read pricey) engine swaps that seem to dominate our social media feeds. He updated the important bits with air conditioning from Classic Air. If you’re gonna do it, might as well do it right.

1977 Chevrolet k10

We’re absolutely loving the interior though. Did anyone else breathe a sigh of relief when you saw the manual crank windows? Call us old-fashioned, but in a pickup, we don’t mind paying homage to the way things used to be done. Keep it simple, that’s one less thing that can break.

1977 Chevrolet K-10

This is exactly the kind of truck we’d keep around for years. It’s a solid, simple, go-anywhere type of rig. It also has a classic look, so we wouldn’t hesitate to take the missus out on the town in it. That air conditioning certainly helps the case too. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a few more pages of listings to drool over.

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