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camshaft position sensor

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camshaft position sensor

I have a 2001 chevy tracker automatic with the 2.0 engine. I had thecar checked out at a local shop and was told that the camshaft position sensor was bad. I called around and found one at autozone for 76.00. I purcashed it and brought it home to put it on. I took the old one off and installed the new one, now the car wont start at all. I then took the new one off and reinstalled the old one and the car started.The car wont run but approx. 30 minutes before it starts to sputter and stall and then will not start back up until I let it sit for a while. Is there a special way to install a new camshaft sensor or is there something else wrong with the car. Does it anything to do with the timing and if so how do I install the new one. The code that I am getting from the service center is P0304 Camshaft position sensor.

Thanks Brian

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RE: camshaft position sensor

Scroll down the forum for the Tracker section. There is a thread describing the problem with the sensor.

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RE: camshaft position sensor

Found it thanks

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