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2002 Keyless Entry Unlock

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September 7th, 2007, 8:39 PM   #1  
2002 Keyless Entry Unlock

Hello all, I've got a 2002 Impala with remote keyless lock / unlock. I can no longer unlock the doors with the keyless entry. I need some help in finding the cause of this problem. Here are the symptoms:

Remote locks the doors fine.
When I hit the unlock button on remote, the parking lights flash, and I hear a clicking sound under drivers side dash. So the remote seems to be working fine.
Also, I changed remote battery, and tested with my second remote, same result.
The lock / unlock switch on the door panel functions fine.

I wish I had an electrical diagram of this system, as it would certainly help.

If anyone can give me some help, I would certainly appreciate it.


2002 Impala, 73,000 miles 3.8L

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January 30th, 2008, 11:22 AM   #2  
RE: 2002 Keyless Entry Unlock

I had the dealer check this issue out. They say BCM is bad, and it needs to be replaced. If I purchase BCM and install will it work straight away? Or, is there some programming needed to make it functional with the car?


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January 30th, 2008, 7:07 PM   #3  
RE: 2002 Keyless Entry Unlock

Yes there is a bit of programming that the dealer needs to perofrm when they install the unit. Here is exactly what needs to be done. Not something you are able to do yourself Body Control Module (BCM)

Programming/RPO Configuration
During body control module (BCM) related service, the procedures below are designated to set-up the BCM correctly. Before you start, read these procedures carefully and completely.
Setup New Body Control Module (BCM)
Important: [align=left]

The BCM will not function properly if the Setup New BCM procedure is not performed. [/align][align=left]

Make sure the battery is fully charged before performing the setup procedure. [/align][align=left]

Make sure all disconnected devices and connectors have been reconnected [/align][align=left]

Perform the Theft Deterrent Re-learn procedure after successfully finishing the Setup New BCM procedure. Refer to Programming Theft Deterrent System Components in Theft Deterrent. If the Theft Deterrent Re-learn procedure is not performed after a BCM replacement, the following conditions may occur: [/align][align=left]

The vehicle will not be protected against theft by the PASSLOCK system. [/align][align=left]

The engine will not crank nor start. [/align]

[ol]Connect a Scan Tool (Tech 2) to the Data Link Connector (DLC).
Turn the ignition switch on.
Select Diagnostics and input all of the required data when prompted by the Scan Tool (Tech 2).
Select Setup New BCM.
Note, Input all of the required data when prompted by the scan tool.
Select Setup SDM Part Number in BCM, and follow the onscreen directions.
Select New VIN, and follow the onscreen directions.
Select Option Configuration, and follow the onscreen directions. .
Select Point of Sale, and follow the onscreen directions. .
Exit back to the SPECIAL FUNCTIONS menu.
When the BCM, VIN, Point of Sale and Option Configuration have been entered, proceed with the Theft Deterrent Re-learn procedure.
If the scan tool displays UNABLE TO PROGRAM BCM. BCM IS SECURED, then the BCM must be replaced and this procedure must be repeated on a new BCM. [/ol]
NOTE: After the above procedure has been completed, personalization of the BCM defaults to a default setting. Inform the customer that the personalization settings must be set again.

After programming, perform the following to avoid future misdiagnosis:

[ol]Turn the ignition OFF for 10seconds.
Connect the scan tool to the data link connector.
Turn the ignition ON with the engine OFF.
Use the scan tool in order to retrieve history DTCs from all modules.
Clear all history DTCs. [/ol]

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January 31st, 2008, 7:34 AM   #4  
RE: 2002 Keyless Entry Unlock

Thanks for the info. I doubt I will get this one repaired. I may start a new car savings and fund it with money I don't spend on thesefixes for nice to have features.

Also, the drivers side heated seat doesn't heat any more, and that is a $1K repair at the dealer. So, I'd have a good start. Seems a shame on a car with 80,000 miles, and I hope at 1/2 its useful life. Apparently the heating element is out on the seat, and the heating elements are incorporated into the seat covers. So, the leather seat covers would also need to be replaced.

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