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1997 Lumina 3.1L - Won't start / Cooling fans

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February 22nd, 2011, 7:18 PM   #1  
1997 Lumina 3.1L - Won't start / Cooling fans

Hello... I have a 1997 Lumina with a 3.1 motor with 68,000 miles. I was having an issue with the cooling system (cooling fans never came on). I tore the car apart and checked the fans with a ground and in-line fuse wires. Both fans are OK. I replaced all relays, cooling temp gauge, coolant level sensor and thermostat. I also checked all wiring to the PCM by removing all electrical wrap to see all wires. In doing this, I disconnected the two big plugs to the PCM. All wires looked OK, so I re-wrapped all wires with new tape and plugged the ends back into the PCM. The rest of the car has been assembled as well making sure all electrical connections that were disconnected were plugged back in. When I try to start the car it won't start. The only thing I have working is parking lights, key chime when inserted into ignition and power locks. When I turn the key I get nothing. No lights on the dash, no click... nothing. The battery is fully charged and there is spark at the battery when I connect the negative cable. What is the next step I should take? I have triple-checked to make sure everything is plugged back in. All fuses have been checked and the relay for the ignition has also been checked. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.... Thanks!

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February 24th, 2011, 6:49 AM   #2  
Anybody have an idea where I should start looking? I am completely puzzled. Thanks!

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Did you get the car going? If not, start by checking the fuses and relays.
First spot,, under the hood drivers side, plastic box remove top panel inside you'll find, <O</Odash lights fuse, fan fuse or relay and more. Almost sounds like the main power wire to this box was took off and not put back on. Did you replace the engine?
<O</OSecond spot,, under the hood passenger side, more fuses and relays, I don't know what these are for, as I can't reed mine the print is gone.
<O</OThe third spot,, open passengers door on the side of the dash is a fuse panel.<O</O

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Did u solve the problem with cooling fan signal from ecm?

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