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1997 K1500 Silverado 350 4l60E #20 Fuse Blowing?

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1997 K1500 Silverado 350 4l60E #20 Fuse Blowing?

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Needing some advice on my 1997 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 350 with a 4l60e trans. The other day I had gotten into the truck and the 10 amp, slot 20 fuse for transmission (Prndl on some models), fuse kept blowing. I being tech savvy had suspected a short in the wiring harness somewhere and went to testing. My immediate thought was that the ignition switch had shorted out due to the popular symptoms of not having a tach/speedo or gear selector light on. Bought a new ignition switch and nothing happened. Repaired short at fuse block (that I had caused), and then unhooked at trans. Once trans was unplugged, fuse did not blow. Dropped Trans Pan and tested sol A and B, by unplugging each then turning key over. Blew fuse for both. Tested the resistance of Sol A and B, and they tested at 20-22 ohms. Seemed fine according to a diag sheet? Correct me if I am wrong. SO, my question is where to begin now? TCC sol? or what other solenoids are within the trans, and what could I do to determine my issue? Not familiar with transmission work by any means, so any help would be great! Thanks!


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could you not complete short to grd tests of the remaining solenoids using the connectors at the vcm...as each solenoid is individually grd controlled there. they go through the c1 and c2 connectors at the vcm

keep the trans connector and 2 solenoids you can reach disconnected.

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I have also checked for shorts in all the places that they would normally be. I just installed a rebuilt 4l60 in my 1997 Silverado, drove it 10 miles tach, speedo and light on gear selector quit. I replaced the Ing. switch because everyone said it was a most common problem. A $175 replacement that did nothing. Tranny guy said you gotta short. The PRNDL fuse (#20) on my truck keeps blowing!!!

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