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How-To: 98-05 Front Door Panel Removal (S10 & Blazer)

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How-To: 98-05 Front Door Panel Removal (S10 & Blazer)

Front Door Panel Removal:
1998-2005 S10s & Blazers

Tools needed:
Flat screwdriver, short or long.
Philips screwdriver
7mm socket + extention + ratchet

Locate and remove 7mm screws under armrest handle. (no, this is not my Blazer)

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Pull door handle back and remove philips screw on the plastic bezel.

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Do not pull the bezel off lock-end first. Pull the handle end out and slide it forward and up the door handle.

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If your truck has power windows or locks, lift up on switch panel and seperate the pinch clip from the door panel. (just pry it up.) It should now be hanging by the wires.

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Use your flat screwdriver to carefully pry at the edges of the door panel. Its only held in by white plastic spine-fin-looking pressure clips. You'll more than likely break a couple of them, but replacement clips are cheap at AutoZone.

Once you have the pressure clips separated from the door, roll the window down and slide your fingers between the window felts and pull up and back on the top of the panel (the panel hangs tightly on the window gap). The door panel should now be completely separated from the door. Slide the switch panel through the hole it usually occupies on the door panel.
UNLESS... you have window cranks. There is a clip behind the crank, but I'm not sure how to remove it. I know if its not done carefully, it can fly off and get lost.

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