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01 2500 hd Clean/tune up tips

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January 24th, 2012, 10:56 AM   #1  
01 2500 hd Clean/tune up tips

I should be getting a 01 HD this week with a 6.0 in it. To be honest I dont know much about the motors or how to take care of this one specificly. I can tune, repair and make better most things jeep and know what most crappy running jeep motors like but I have no idea about the 6.0.

My question beside the obvious plugs/fluid/filter changes is there any thing else that I should make right with it? it has 200k on it. I know Jeeps benefit greatly from removing and cleaning the Throttle bodies and IAC valves, same idea with the 6.0? It appears to be stock and kept up with the usual needs but nothing more. When it was running today it seemed to be running good with no issues,ticks or taps.

Any ides on where to begin would be great. I would like to upgrade and tune it down the road but need to start off cheap for now so programmers and the such will have to wait for a bit.

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January 24th, 2012, 1:06 PM   #2  
Well like said the obvious plugs/wires(stick with ac delco iridiums), flush/fill fluids even the transmission fluid and rear end fluid, air filter, oil and oil filter, clean the throttle body real good, use some seafoam in gas tank and brake booster line. That should take care of it I believe

Oh an no programmer, custom tune for that 6.0(Wheatley and Blackbear)

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