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2000 C2500 fuel pump connections

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2000 C2500 fuel pump connections

I need to change the fuel pump on my truck. I cannot figure out how to get the fuel lines disconnected from the old pump. Went to AutoZone and they sold me a tool for $5 that was supposed to do the trick, but there is not enough clearance on the old pump to get it around the fitting. Does anyone have any idea how to get these connections off? Thanks,


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RE: 2000 C2500 fuel pump connections

www.spxkentmoore.com/ - 2k try these people they make tool's for gm

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RE: 2000 C2500 fuel pump connections

Spray some WD in the fittings if they're rusty, then head down to your local jobber or parts store and buy some of these. http://www.etoolcart.com/index.asp?P...amp;ProdID=462

In my experience, these are the best tool for d\c fuel lines. The pliers they sell usually either don't fit the line, or there is not enough space to get the pliers in and around the area your working on.

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