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95 chev 1500 4x4. 5.7 engine swap for a 383 stroker?

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95 chev 1500 4x4. 5.7 engine swap for a 383 stroker?

how much work is this going to take? recently bent a rod and got a bad rod knock. wheelin a lil to hard i suppose. curious to know if ill have to make new motor mounts. how much messin around with the computer ill have to do.. really got no idea . cheaper to pull the engine out and put a new one in myself rather then throwin it in a shop. can buy a brand new car for as much as they want to fix it. apreciate any help! thanks

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I did the same thing about a year ago....bought the HT383E. I am very glad i did. I know you can buy a crate replacement long block for 1500, plus another 300 core. Think i spent about 4200-4700 on the 383. as far as putting it in, all you have to do is take your engine out,put your intake, exhaust accy drive and oil filter adapter on, (i have engine oil cooler). and as far as the ecu goes it self adapts. put mine in filled fluids twisted key-started instantly. I love the power of these, i have also heard to really make them scream is to have it tuned, i have no place around to do that so i dont know. Just to forewarn ya these engines are noisy--GM says its piston slap from the long stroke and short skirt?? I had one replaced under warranty and the second crate engine installed by GM still makes same noise

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