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how to install 2nd battery in my 2500 hd

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December 11th, 2007, 9:56 PM   #1  
how to install 2nd battery in my 2500 hd

2004 silverado 4x4 2500 hd 6.0 litre

Just installed a brand new battery, bought most powerfull battery ( 800 cold crank amps)i could find.
My snow plow draws too much power from my battery while plowing, i want to install a 2nd battery like a duramax.

What battery tray should i use and how should i hook up 2nd battery.

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January 6th, 2008, 3:09 AM   #2  
RE: how to install 2nd battery in my 2500 hd

now how much did you spend on that battery? because i picked up a titanium battery from advance auto parts for 83 bones and its 1000 cc amps. but i just installed a second battery in my 98 silverado 2wd. heres what you gotta do... first off... find out what your alternator pushes out. mine pumps 140 amps max. so now that you have that number, get an isolator that will work with that. i went to jcwhitney and got my battery isolator. my truck came with the dual battery setup so with that i cannot help you on the tray setup. get one thats sturdy of course. but the isolator does what its name says. it isolates the second or auxilary battery so they arent wired together but both get charged when the truck is on. so the primary battery is for the truck and no auxilary things. the second battery is to be used for all auxilary things.
i took the stock wire off the alternator and put a wire from the alternator to the isolator. then i take a wire from the isolator to the auxilary battery so it charges. then from isolator to the truck battery to charge that too. then for my alternator it isnt self exciting so i had to run a wire to a fuse that had power to it only when the truck was running. it works well.

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RE: how to install 2nd battery in my 2500 hd

There's an easier way to connect the second battery. You can buy a solenoid that's made for connecting a second battery. What is does is connect the two batteries together once the engine is running. I think this is the same way these truck come when you order an aux battery as an option. I've used this method with no problems.

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