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TPMS reassignment problem

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TPMS reassignment problem

Just bought a used 2011 Chevy 2500HD. The former owner bought an extra set of wheels and studded snow tires (Alaska) which were on the truck when I bought it. I noticed that the rotation of the tires (treadwise) was backwards. IE they were on the wrong side of the truck to spin in the right direction. I switched them to the correct side. Then I discovered the TPMS didn't understand that I switched them so the readings were backwards. I followed the instructions in the owners manual to reassign/relearn the tire positions for the TPMS to understand the correct locations. No worky....Everything was copacetic until the 3rd tire then it just quit responding even tho the DIC said it was "relearning". I tried several times but the same each time. Now the DIC says "TPMS needs servicing".

Anyone else have this problem? Know a cure? Can temperature be a problem? Its about 18 degrees F and the truck hadn't been driven in several days so they're "cold". Any help is appreciated. Closest Chevy dealership is 130 Miles away so....

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