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Trans wont go in reverse

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March 31st, 2008, 1:08 PM   #1  
Trans wont go in reverse

Ok heres my problem i have a 98 chevy 1500.V8 305,Automatic.It will not go into reverse.It was making some noise the night before and the next day no reverse.Someone told me to change the sunshell and torque converter first before i spent the money on a new trans.Not sure what else to do.Most places ive check around here want 600 and up for a used trans.I dont have that kind of money right now.I can try to do the work myself but do not know much about transmissions.ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.Thanks for reading.

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RE: Trans wont go in reverse

Welcome to the forum!!! I doubt its the torque converter, because if it goes forward without a problem them the TC would work fine if you were in reverse. I would say that its probably the gear motors inside the trans. How many miles are on the trans?

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