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24's vs. 26's

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August 8th, 2007, 3:40 PM   #1  
24's vs. 26's

I'm about ready to pull the trigger on some new wheels but still struggling on the size, choice is 24" or 26" for my 2007 Tahoe. Keep the following things in mind, I have 4WD and don't plan on lowering because of the ride quality issue's I've read about and I do travel to the snow in the winter so lowering isn't ideal.

Questions I have about the 24 vs 26's:
[ul][*]Any clearance issues or rubbing with either?[*]I'm afraid the 24's without lowering will look to "small"?[*]Hard to find examples of 07 Tahoes on 26's, actually only found 1 single picture and it's been lowered..




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August 8th, 2007, 4:04 PM   #2  
RE: 24's vs. 26's

I have read that when going larger than 20's you have to think about enhancing your brakes because of the increased inertia.

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RE: 24's vs. 26's

I never rode on 26's but I think they'd make a rougher ride.
Lowered with 26's looks ugly. Just my opinion. It does look sick but for a daily driver it is excessive.

4x4 stock height on 26's looks good.

My 4x4 stock height on 24's looksnormal.
Too normal. Lowering would make them look bigger.

I'd go 26's on my 07 LTZ 4x4 but I'm planning to lower on 24's.

I seen a lowered tahoe on 24's and it looked just right.

I considered 26's, if I did that I would keep it stock height.

The new body 07's are bigger than the old suv's.
My 07 Tahoe dwarfs my mother in-law's 06 Yukon.

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August 18th, 2007, 11:52 AM   #5  
RE: 24's vs. 26's


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August 18th, 2007, 12:08 PM   #6  
RE: 24's vs. 26's


I agree.

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RE: 24's vs. 26's

I would imagine that a tahoe with 26s and a 2/3 drop would have significant clearance issues.. I have 24x10s with a 305-35-24 and a 2/3 drop. I would say the ride is fair, wheel gap is perfect for a fullsize SUV, and it barely rubs up front(only when parking or tight parking lot manuvers...)

Sorry I dont have any pics, Ill try to get one up soon

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August 20th, 2007, 2:54 PM   #8  
RE: 24's vs. 26's

Forgot to mention a friend of mine has a set of 26s on a stock height 2007 LT, looks great IMHO.. I like having a little more sidewall (i ran 295/30/22--rubber bandson my lightning).. I can stil ride up on curbs, and I dont have to swerve around every other pothole in Pittsburgh

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RE: 24's vs. 26's

Actually the overall height of 26's and 24's is the same.
Almost 33" overall if your running305/30/26 or305/35/24 tires.
26 inch rims with the same width and offset of24's would have identical clearance issues.

I agree:
Stock height + 26's = Looks great
Same as dropped on 24's.

Please dont drop on 26's, its just looks bad.

I agree, I almost upgraded to 26's but I like the smooth ride of my 285/40/24's.

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August 20th, 2007, 4:44 PM   #10  
RE: 24's vs. 26's

Tire 1- 315/30R26---option 1
Tire2 - 305/35R24 ---option 2

1..Section Width:
12.40 in
315 mm

2..Section Width:
12.00 in
305 mm

1..Rim Diameter:
26 in
660.4 mm

2..Rim Diameter:
24 in
609.6 mm

1..Overall Diameter:
33.44 in
849.37 mm

2..Overall Diameter:
32.40 in
822.96 mm

1..Sidewall Height::
4.20 in
106.68 mm

2..Sidewall Height
3.72 in
94.488 mm

16.72 in
424.68 mm

16.20 in
411.48 mm

Diameter Difference: -
Diameter Difference: 3.12%

Most of the wheel and tire packages Ive seen 24s and 26s run these as the tire options, although 305/30/26s are available most are the 315... with almost a half in more in tread section, and close to in inch taller tire you can see where rubbing may become in issue!!

I know its kind of hard to read, but the chart wouldnt paste properly

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