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4l60E think its in limp mode !!!HELP!!!

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4l60E think its in limp mode !!!HELP!!!

Wazsup CF members,Ok I have a 96 gmc suburban 1500 with 5.7 a/t 4x4.My problem is I just did a tranny swap cause the old one was doing the same thing as this one except the old one had alot of metal in the pan.Limp mode think its still in limp mode from the old trans going but I dont know how to reset.I tried the fuses all visable ones were good.The reason im thinking limp mode is that it feels like I only have 2 gears and I had a cadillac that I did a tranny swap on it did the same untill I found out about limp mode and a separte fuse box under the dash.Is it the same with other GM vehicles.
-Thanks for looking-

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bump bump any one help please ships sinking..lol..

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Possible solutions

I have this same problem currently and about 90% of the time its your solenoids

when you replace 2 of them (1st and overdrive solenoids) disconnect your negative battery cable for 30 minutes minimum and your computer will turn off
next: reconnect and start your engine

watch: if it shifts right give it a week if it shifts good for a week and goes back you need the other three replaced if it works after a week (when the computer catches up) it was those 2

if it stays in limp mode after the disconnection it needs an overhaul! 4L60Es are great until electric stuff goes out

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