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Climate Control bulbs burnt out?

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December 6th, 2007, 7:54 PM   #1  
Climate Control bulbs burnt out?

2001 Chevy Tahoe - my buttom buttons do not light up anymore on my climate control panel. The buttons are for my air conditioning circulation, A/C and rear defrost. The yellow light comes on when I push the button to let me know they are on, but when I have my lights on (dark outside) they do not light up like the rest of my instrument cluster. It appears the bulbs are burnt out to light them up at night. All 4 are burnt out so I find that weird. Dealer said need whole new climate control piece for $208...I would imagine there may be a cheaper fix? Is there a way to just replace the bulbs?

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RE: Climate Control bulbs burnt out?

Mine did the same thing. It's been a year or so since I took mine apart. They were little LED's soldered on the board. I checked the dealer too and they told me the same thing. I've seen replacement control units for sale fairly cheap, but they are used and who knows if its worth it. I would think you could get little LEDs from Radio Shack and change them out. Or take it to a stereo repair place. I think it's annoying, but I've been living with it.

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RE: Climate Control bulbs burnt out?

Try emailing Their prices are much lower then the dealer

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RE: Climate Control bulbs burnt out?

Go to Ebay and do a search for "tahoe climate control" and you'll see quite a few in the mid 20's to 30's price. You can play around with a used one if it has a problem or you might just get perfectly lucky on a used one. If it doesn't work you're not out much compared to what the dealer wanted.

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RE: Climate Control bulbs burnt out?

I had the same problem on 95 silverado on the A/C controls and the radio. I had a few burnt out. They are small bulbs. The panal that I had used 4 bulbs. I couldn't find the exact bulbs but I used some small 12volt bulbs you can get at radioshack. they cost about 1.50 for 2. I heated the old lamp pins and removed them. Then I solderd new ones in their place. They have been working for the past 3 years.

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