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Delco stereo wire colors

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July 2nd, 2011, 6:56 PM   #1  
Delco stereo wire colors

Ok, I am gutting the crap AM/FM Delco from this thing, 93 Sub. And I m confused about some of the wiring colors. This is what I have figured out to my benefit:

Orange: constant power
Black: ground
And if you tell me the other colors: Pink?, Green-antennae or remote, I guess, grey. <<--this part I could care less about but only want to know for formality sakes. I have the aftermarket stereo in the car(I only do JVC and Panasonic...although I do like the Dual XM66--, XM7---- units)

From the head unit I have:
Green, light green: Right Front Speaker
brown/white stripe, pink/white stripe: Left front

trouble is:
light blue, blue should be Right Rear
and yellow, brown should be left rear.

I get no sound when I connect these rear channels to the radio. PLUS there are 2 yellows and 2 browns, so what is that all about? No FACTORY amp, this is a Cheyenne, base model. It was a NY State Prison transport vehicle.

Then I have two 8" full ranges voice-over coils powered by the 200W 2 channel amp running from the head unit on RCAs.

But I want to add the head unit rear channels to have a fuller sound so I can work a better gain on the amp and not have it distort the sound.

I know dudes, it is easier to run new speaker wires and dont even worry about the factory setup BUT I really dont want to dismantle the pillars and headliner to do that. Plus I want to use what is already there for sheer simplicity.

I was just going to splice into the wires as they run through the A-pillar in the lower door sill but there is another issue there. There are more light blue wires. I know some of them are taillight wires so I m cautious about just snipping and ripping.

The way I see it all the factory radio wires are in the same harness(no duh!) and if the colors in the front match the colors in the rear I should be getting sound. I tried taping the wire leads to the posts on a fresh AA battery and using a voltmeter on the other end to measure voltage to confirm its location but its hard to with a AA, better with a 9v(which I dont have).

So if any of you dudes can steer me straight on this 93 Cheyenne Sub. I m sorry to say, but if this were a Ford it wouldnt be so confusing.

I m going to start another post when my internet line comes back up about retrofitting a R-12 AC system most beautifully.

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July 20th, 2011, 2:33 PM   #2  
I figured it out, rudimentarily. I was set to run new wires to the rear but unfortunately I didnt have enough wire and didnt feel like getting more so I pulled up the sill plate on the drivers side door and found the lite blue/dark blue and brown/yellow wires. There is a visible distinction between the gauge of these wires so I cut them and lined them with new wires I ran from the rear of the radio over the steering column and behind the kick panel where the emergency brake is. Perfect.

Stereo still sounds like dogs ***** BUT that is a different issue. I was able to use the factory set in the rear for the rear speakers. Now I just await a new JVC from Ebay, and VR3 amplifier from Walmart. I most likely will run without the amp and just put in this Audiovox 10 band 80W preamp equalizer.

Current amp(Boss Choas Exxxtreme 200W) is bull! 2 Ohm set up is the only way to get boost but the sound is wack and so unmanageable(hence the pre-amp EQ). I will probably put this Boss Chaos in my moms CR-V.

I put a Boss Riot 400W in my Sportvan and it is great. You d figure they wouldnt cheap out on the Chaos, but they did.

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September 19th, 2011, 10:59 PM   #3  
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