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Good instruction to remove trans from 99 Yukon!!!

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Good instruction to remove trans from 99 Yukon!!!

Good Directions, I followed them pretty good.
1. unscrew the two trans mounts from the bottom of bell housing that runs to the bottom of the front frame.
2. Take the circle piece under the bell housing out(it looks like the bottom of a soda can)
3. unscrew the 3 screws that hold the converter shield at the front of the bell housing. Unbolt the Starter why you are there and just let it hang they.
4. take a big flat head or o small crowbar and stick it in the hole where you removed the circle piece(that looks the bottom of a soda can and do a ratcheting affect on the teeth of the fly wheel until a converter bolt is exposed. Take that bolt lose and do it for all three bolts.
5. unhook the front wheel drive shaft. They are held by 4 screws. Once you do that the axle will be able to come lose with a pluck with a screw drive at the base of the u joint. Once you do that just pull the other end out of the transfer case.
6. Remove the cross member. 4 screw attach it to the frame of the truck. Two screws on each side(use a impact wrench if you have one)
7. To unbolt the sub frame from the trans mission, Leave the trans mission mount hooked to the cross member and just unbolt it from the transmission it's self.
8. Now you need a jack. The one I use was the jack that came with the truck but you can use any jack but it has to go high enough.
9. Make sure you are on a flat place. Place the jack under the trans mission pan and elevate the jack to get it off top of the cross member. Once you have done that the cross member will slide out with a little jerking around.
10. Unbolt the rear drive shaft just like the front drive shaft( 4 screws) and pluck it out with the screw driver. Pull it out of the transfer case,
11. Unbolt transfer case (6 bolts) and make sure that you unplug all cables first. Yo u might have to raise up on the transmission with the jack a little to get the transfer case to slide back off of the transmission shaft. (Put rags down transmission fluid is going to be every where.)
12. Lower the jack from under the transmission. Leave a little pressure for safety. Unhook all viewable cables and quick ties that might hold your wires in place to the transmission. Unhook the shift cable as well. Pluck the dip stick hose out of the transmission with a flat head screwdriver. Unscrew cooler lines from the passenger side of transmission.
13. There are 6-8 bolts holding the transmission to the engine. They are studs with a nut built on to it. Another nut goes on to some of them to hold wires in place.
14. You can use a transmission jack, but I use brut force. Takes two people and some blankets if you are in a garage. Tug on the transmission until it comes off.
15. You are finished. Just follow the steps in reverse order to reinstall. Hardest part would be getting the transmission back on to the fly wheel. But you can get it. Me and friend way 170lbs each and we got it in 10 minutes. took 3 hours to get it off.(we got drunk a little) and 1 hour to put it back in(sober).


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