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How to replace a turn signal cam

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How to replace a turn signal cam

OK, this is for pre 1995 models. After 1995 the turn signal switch integrated all the components in it(due to new steering columns which had airbags coils), making it easier to replace as an entire unit. But by and large this will apply on all older cars.

Model: 1993 Cheyenne C1500

1. Remove horn cap, disconnect horn wire from cap. Turn horn wire counterclockwise briefly to remove from cancel cam in column.

2. Remove lock washer from steering wheel input shaft. Then remove the input shaft nut, (7/8" or 21mm).

3. Use a steering wheel puller(if you have one) to remove the wheel. I have one but cant find the bolts so I just tugged on it for a while until the wheel came off.

4. There is a locking tab cover on the column, so use a small thin screwdriver and pry it up around the detents that are like in the 3 o' clock position and the 8 o' clock position.

5. Now exposed is the steering wheel locking plate. There is a retaining clip at the base that has to be removed to get access to everything. Use the same small screwdriver or pick to pry it up around the base in a circular fashion and remove the clip, the locking plate and the cancel cam.

6. Now you are where the turn signal cam is. I used a Motormite replacement which had two in the package because the cam is also standard equipment on GM, Chrysler, AMC, Jeep and IH. The only difference I can see from the cams is where the turn signal mounts to it. On my car one of the springs was missing and the contacts were in the wrong place, but I decided to replace the entire thing anyway.

7. There are 2 screws for the turn signal cam, 1 for the turn signal switch and 1 for the turn signal stalk(All Philips head). There are 3 plastic tabs that connect the turn signal cam to the turn signal switch(each roughly located where the screws are). Push those back a little and pull the cam from switch.

8. Install the new cam just as the old cam appears. Put springs in the exact same place on the front side, then turn it over and then do the same with the contacts for the hazard lights.

a. I had to pull out the turn signal switch of this set-up because the retaining nut for the turn signal stalk had fallen into the upper column. If this happen to you, then push the retaining nut through both the switch and cam as you push the pieces back to together.

b. Then gently place it back in position and make sure the 3 plastic tabs mentioned earlier are back in the same place. Put the screws back, then install the contacts on the front, now install the turn signal brace.

c. Now before you button everything up, turn the key and see if the turn signals light up, left/right and hazards. Check for smooth action on the turn signal stalk.

9. Now when I did this last night, the bearing spring came up on me and I couldnt get it back in there. I was pondering leaving it out because this only seems to be needed if your car is built with a tilt/telescoping wheel. But I got it in there.

Now some of you may have super human strength and can push it back down as you try to put on the cancel cam/locking plate and retaining clip, but I dont. I really had to lean on that thing and as the locking plate gave me access I was able to use a small pry bar to push the retaining clip into position on one side and then in a circular motion push it into place all over.

10. Now button it up like you disassembled it. And voila!

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