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Remote Start recommendation for 2004 Tahoe?

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Remote Start recommendation for 2004 Tahoe?

Anyone have Remote Start added to their Tahoe? I'm thinking about adding it into my 2004. Any recommendations?

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RE: Remote Start recommendation for 2004 Tahoe?

I added a Viper alarm w/ remote start to my 2000 tahoe, worked great, could even start automatically every hour, and run for a variable time (great for camping, kept the beer cold!). the 2 way paging was great, and the transmitter distance was quite respectable.

My buddy did the install, he recomended installing an alarm that had the remote start integral, not an add-on option, he said they were not as reliable.

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RE: Remote Start recommendation for 2004 Tahoe?

I have a Clifford Matrix 50.5 in my 07 as well as my 97 and I love them. As far as the systems go I agree with frosty. Add on remote starts to factory keylesswork just as well as the complete systems as far starting and running the truck but do not have the remote range. Most factory keyless remote ranges are very limited. Usually if you activate the system in a store where you cant see the truck you always wonder if it actually turned on the truck. This is also true with 1-way alarm/remote start systems as well. You have no way of knowing wants going on with out seeing.The oneI have is a 2-way that offers a 1-mile range. I haven't tested the full mile thingbut it does work very well even in buildings.It worksthroughout themall whereI live.I like the fact that I get a true conformation of whether or not the unit is activated. Not to mention if my alarm is set off it gives me a conformation on my keypad. As long as you get a good quality piece you cant go wrong. Anyone is better than none......Once you get one you will always have one, or I should saywe'll always have one, but never factory....or until they can give me the reliabilty and the convience of the aftermarket systems.

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RE: Remote Start recommendation for 2004 Tahoe?


I had a viper 7900 installed in my 05 truck but had a lot of issues with range and the remote losing it's pairing. I went back and had the 7900 ripped out and a Viper 5900 installed. The 5900 is an alarm with a built-in remote start. The 2 way remote is fantastic with range over 1.5 mile. It works everytime with no issues at all.

If you decide to install the 5900, make sure that the installer uses BypassKits to interface it to your vehicle that way you can still retain use of your factory remotes and not affect anything with OnStar, BypassKits ( works very very well with GM unlike some of the other products that I've heard about. My setup includes the 5900 (SST) with the BypassKits and no complaints.

Best of luck, let me know if you have any questions.

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