Don’t Be a Fool, Follow Your Dreams in this 1973 GMC Motorhome

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Did you reach retirement age with a little less cash than expected? Don’t worry, we’ve found you a sweet GMC-powered retirement ride!

Motorhomes: the preferred method of recreational transportation by senior citizens across America. Come winter and it’s frigid temperatures, motorhomes of all shapes and sizes can be seen on the interstate, happily transporting their passengers to paradisiacal southern destinations.

Chevrolet Forum came across this gem of a motorhome on RV Trader, and we simply couldn’t wait to share it with you. In fact, we hoped it would remain for sale long enough for us to have the chance to write it up. Thankfully, it did.


Before we get into details we must address the elephant in the room: the unicorn-riding Mr. T. Some may call it gratuitous, but we call it freakin’ awesome. Think about traversing the countryside in your GMC Motorhome, turning heads everywhere you go and inspiring folks to follow their dreams through the power of an ’80s wrestler-turned-film and TV star? Consider it rolling inspiration, fool.

This 26-foot GMC Motorhome is a true vintage beauty, and with a production run of only 12,921 units from 1973 through 1978 it’s also a pretty unique piece of Americana. Furthermore, the now-defunct nameplate is the only complete motorhome to ever be produced by an automotive manufacturer. This particular unit claims to have a new 455 Oldsmobile engine with only 200 miles on it, but we believe “rebuilt” would be a better way to describe it since such engine is no longer in production.


According to the ad, new batteries, wiring, and axles have been installed, in addition to a new electric wiper motor, power steering pump, and engine hoses. When it comes to the interior,  a couple of flat-screen TVs have been added, in addition to faux wood floors and other interesting touches.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the certified three-year-old Winnebago, or the latest million-dollar Prevost. But what about this 1973 GMC motorhome for only $19,000? You know, one that allows you to travel in style, and most certainly the only one with a unicorn-riding Mr. T proudly painted on its side.

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