Chevy-Obsessed Amiri King is N.S.F.W. But He’s also T.F.F.!

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Amiri King

King of Chevy-Loving, Ford-Hating Comedy’s YouTube Vids Hit 62 Million Views

In these highly-charged political times, we need some laughter, y’all. Some big-balled humor, y’all. Louisville, Kentucky-native Amiri King has 188 YouTube videos that will leave you crying with laughter. And if you’re at work, your boss may come running! In total, King’s YT channel amassed over a quarter-million subscribers and 62 million video views. His Facebook page is followed by 2,130,587 people and his tweets reach 71 thousand fans.

The self-proclaimed “best comedy on the web” includes some clips specially filmed for truck lovers. Here are our “Five Favorite Chevy-Loving, Ford-Hating Clips” by Amiri King.

Chevy Silveraydo Parody 2

The most popular video–and rightly so–with almost 16 millions views is “Chevy Silveraydo Parody 2” in which King says his “Silver-aydo” will “roundhouse kick Ford right in the f***in’ mouth.” Yes, King’s comedy clips–most of which are about three minutes long–are definitely N.S.F.W. “Why did I get a Chevy Silver-aydo?” he asks directly into the camera. And the answer? Well, you’ll have to put on some headphones and hear his Richard Pryor-style comedy roll for that.


‘Real men drive Colo-raydos. I heard Ford Rangers
are real popular with females.’


King continues his love of Chevy in “Silveraydo Pride,” which has over 1.5 millions views. “Chevys are made out of surplus scud missiles, Bruce Lee DNA, and arm-wrestling falcons,” he says in one of the more tamer bits. “Fords are made out of Coach purses, eyeliner, and saggy t*ts.”

Silveraydo Pride

With almost 6.5 million views, “Chevy Colorado Parody” finds King looking under the hood at the powerful Chevy engine and pointing out, “This pipe here is made out of pure, white gold. It transfers the hurricane to the tornado dispenser.” Why should you drive a Colorado? “Real men drive Colo-raydos,” he says. “I heard Ford Rangers are real popular with females.”

Chevy Colorado Parody

Chevy Camaros get their due in the 3-million-viewed parody, “Camarow.” Here, caucasian King explains in envelope-pushing clarity just why his Camaro is painted black. King also compliments the engine, which he says is made out of everything in the world and contains a super-charger, “which blows harder than your mother.”


The final Ford insult? “How Ford Owners Fight,” which has been seen by almost 2 million people. So how do Ford owners spar? Bare-chested and swaying to the beat of a ’90s club tune, apparently. Abandon any P.C. notions you may have and check out all of King’s clips on his YouTube Channel.

Dan Gregory is a regular contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums and Ford F-150 Online.

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