Five Reasons Why the New Silverado Is Better than Any Bronco or Raptor

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2019 Silverado RST Off Road Concept

The Ford Raptor and Bronco get all the press. But there are very good reasons why the Silverado is a superior choice.

As a Chevy truck owner, you’re probably tired of hearing about how great the Ford F-150 Raptor is. Or how the Bronco is coming back to reclaim the ultimate off-road SUV crown from the Jeep Wrangler. Those two vehicles alone have certainly dominated the headlines in recent months, if nothing else. But we’re here to tell you that neither offers the kind of flexibility the new 2019 Silverado does.

Chevy’s most recent news surrounding their massive catalog of upgrades for the Silverado is a great reminder of those virtues. Thus, we thought it prudent to point out the many benefits these options offer compared to buying a Raptor or Bronco right off the shelf. And right off the bat, there are five obvious reasons we’d rather have a new Chevy than either of those models.

2019 Silverado High Country Concept

Endless Choices

When you buy a Raptor, you’re getting a very niche vehicle. A good one, of course, but very niche. Things like long travel suspension and hardcore off-road tires are great on the trails, but most people that own trucks drive them on a daily basis. On paved roads.

And that’s the beauty of the 2019 Silverado. It’s a blank canvas, one that you can build as mild or wild as you want. If you want a hardcore off-roader that can challenge the Raptor, go for it. Want something that’s good off-road but also comfy in rush hour traffic? You can do that, too. Simply flip through the Chevy Accessories and Performance parts catalog and designing a truck to meet your specific needs is a snap.

2019 Silverado RST Concept

More Flexibility

The Raptor (and most likely the Bronco) is a four-wheel drive only pickup. And your choice of trim is extremely limited as well. You can opt for a Super Cab or Super Crew, the more luxurious 401A package, and that’s about it. Forget about things like regular cabs, V8 engine options, or even your choice of transmission.

The beauty of the 2019 Silverado and Chevy’s expansive parts catalog is that you aren’t limited in those choices. You can have your V8 engine and your regular cab if you want. Want to build a hopped up, regular cab, two-wheel drive performance truck like the RST Street Concept? You can do exactly that. And even better, Chevy’s performance parts won’t void your warranty.

2019 Silverado RST Off-Road Concept

Built to Order

And if you choose to build an off-road machine capable of hanging with the Raptor on the trails, you aren’t limited there either. Chevy perfectly demonstrated this with their RST Off-Road, High Country, and LTZ Concepts. All three are highly capable off-road machines, but each is wholly unique.

The RST looks like a show truck, while the High Country is more focused on luxury. The LTZ features serious trailer towing capabilities, something that the Raptor simply can’t match. So no matter what flavor you like your off-road pickup in, you can build your Silverado to suit your individual needs/wants.

2019 Silverado RST Street Concept

More Useful

The 2019 Silverado has the most feature-rich bed of any truck on the market. That much we know not just because Chevy said it, but because expert reviewers have declared it as such, too. With a series of intelligent design features, hauling just about anything is incredibly easy with the new Silverado.

Ford, on the other hand, lags well behind both Chevy and Dodge in this regard. So to put it more simply, the Silverado is more useful for those who actually use their trucks as intended.

2019 Silveardo LTZ Concept


The most obvious benefit to buying a Silverado and modifying it to your tastes is value. Buying a new Raptor will set you back at least $50k+, and good luck finding one without a substantial dealer markup. The same can be said for the Bronco, which is sure to sell at a premium once it hits dealer lots next year.

Even worse, opting for a Raptor Super Crew with the 401A package can easily cost you a whopping $80k+. For that kind of cash, you can build one heck of a nice Silverado. And you’ll have your pick of them at our local dealership, which should be chock full of any configuration/trim you can think of. Then, simply pick out your blank canvas, fire up Chevy’s catalog, and build the truck of your dreams within your budget!

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